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"Season Finale"
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Episode no. Season 23
Episode 06
Production no. 2306
Original airdate November 6, 2019
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"Tegridy Farms Halloween Special" "Board Girls"
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"Season Finale" is the sixth episode of Season Twenty-Three, and the 303rd overall episode of South Park. It aired on November 6, 2019.[1]


The citizens of South Park have had enough of Randy and Tegridy Farms and they just want to lock him up.[1]


Randy and Towelie are broadcasting a "tegridy" breakfast program on one of their shows when all of a sudden, two agents and some cops enter the scene and arrest Randy. He then enters the Mayor's office where Mayor McDaniels, along with Mr. and Mrs. Tweek and Mr. Mackey, have a conversation about Randy's "crimes". The Tweeks show Randy video evidence of him peeing and pooping on their homegrown weed, and even sticking a bomb in its dirt. McDaniels tells Randy that the town is fed up for the past few weeks where he held parades for himself, needlessly slaughtered 1,000 cows, made deals with the Chinese, and nearly poisoned everyone with his Halloween Special. Everyone has had enough of his farm, and they decide to lock him up until the trial.

Meanwhile, the boys play a game of football, but it all goes awry when Eric Cartman throws the ball to Jason White, who gets accidentally run over and killed by a police car. It results in a funeral for Jason, where the priest says that his "playfulness in sports" got him killed, much to the parents' dismay. Bob White comes up to the podium and gives everyone a piece of his mind why there should be protests for this sort of thing, instead of the incarceration of Randy.

Back at Tegridy Farms, Sharon Marsh has a conversation with Stan Marsh and his sister Shelly Marsh about Randy's arrest. She tells them that if Randy is really going to be in jail forever, they would finally sell the farm and move back to town, even forget about the marijuana business along with Randy.

Elsewhere in Washington D.C., Mr. Garrison gets a phone call from Randy, telling him that he needs help to get out of trouble. Garrison suggests the DARVO technique: Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim, and Offender. They role-play the tactic, which seems to work for Randy. Garrison ends the phone call by telling him that he would take care of the problem.

Back at the farm, Sharon throws a party in the living room, which includes all the pictures of Randy and marijuana taken down. Linda Black asks Sharon what will happen if Randy finally gets put away, and she responds with making a long list of things to do while celebrating. Suddenly, the Whites show up crashing the party by saying that Sharon and her friends support the Marsh family in their time of need instead of their son. That also reveals that they were Tegridy Plus members, and they believed in Randy.

Realizing that nothing is right, Cartman comes up to the Whites and tells them that there is a way to make their lives right again without Jason: adopt a child from the Texas detention center. When they arrive, they look around to find the right kid for them. They come across Alejandro, and they accept him as their own by asking, "How would you like to be a White?"

At the prison, Randy tries to convince the doctor to give him weed to heal his symptoms. The symptoms he has been questioning what he has done and why he deserves this punishment. The doctor says that reality was coming back to him, and it was his wake-up call for abusing drugs. Randy uses the DARVO technique on the doctor but to no avail.

At the White Residence, Alejandro and the family are watching TV while he questions the whereabouts of his real parents. Bob tells him that being one of them is hard when people do not care about what is happening to them. Then they watch the news broadcast about the false charges against Randy and Tegridy Farms while Alejandro uses Bob's phone to call Mexico. Bob takes the phone back and says that it is past phone use time and they do not call long-distance. Alejandro is upset by this and provokes Mrs. White, which makes her think about Jason's death, forcing her to leave the room. Bob White gets angry at Alejandro, with Alejandro refusing of Mrs. White being his mother.

Back at the prison, Randy tells everyone in a therapy session that he realized what behavior pattern he had. He says that the President told him to deny everything and make himself the victim. he ends the session by saying that he is not and never will be as bad as the President.

The next day, the Whites protest at a market, telling everyone to call off the persecution. Alejandro does not participate, even though Bob says that they are not going to stop unless they chip in. Mrs. White knows that Alejandro does not appreciate them, and they decide to go adopt another child from the detention center. They find a Panamanian boy and add him to their family so there would be more of them to stop the false accusations.

Late at night, Randy gets a secret visitor. He heads to the visiting room, only to find President Garrison's assistant, Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani starts to help Randy, even though he was going to plead guilty, by smuggling a joint and offering it to him.

The day of the trial comes as protesters plead to lock Randy up while the Whites plead to release him since they think it is a waste of the taxpayers' money. Bob realizes that Alejandro does not have sunscreen on, and forces him to wear it, making him a little similar to the Mexican Joker.

At City Hall, Randy begins to rant at the crowd that he was setting up a trap for the Mexican Joker. When he tries to finish the rant, he begins to realize what he has doing wrong and admits that Garrison set him up so he can be the victim. Randy also says that the reason why he wanted the business in the first place is to make quality weed that was perfect. He also says that Tegridy Weed is a community, and about family. He declares not to fight and do his time, so he can reform and go back to making weed.

Just then, explosions are heard as Alejandro begins to cause havoc while looking like the Mexican Joker. The Whites try to intervene, but the police begin shooting while he makes his escape. Back at City Hall, Randy is relieved to have the charges dropped, and the town accepting him and Tegridy Farms again. He takes the opportunity by thanking those who have been there for him, including the Whites, and leaves to go tend his farm.

Back at the farm, things begin to go back to normal as Randy collects the remaining crops as winter begins, while Sharon, Stan, and Shelly feel miserable, now that their hopes were crushed. Randy cheers them up by saying that this season has been a good run. He thanks the audience for enjoying it, and offers some limited-edition weed form the last crop, while pre-orders for next season begin.

Critical Reception[]

AV Club gave "Season Finale" a "B" rating saying: "Season Finale was an enjoyable episode, and while it let Randy off the hook a little too easily, its well-executed twist ending, and the memorable return of Trump/Garrison made it quite a worthwhile affair."[2]

IGN gave "Season Finale" a "8.5" rating saying: "It may not actually be the season finale, but this South Park episode succeeds in bringing together a number of ongoing plot threads and bringing the Tegridy Farms saga to a close. There's plenty of meta humor and scathing political satire to be found, especially as the series brings President Garrison back into the picture. Some of the material involving the White family grows repetitive, but this is still one of the stronger chapters of Season 23 so far."[3]


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