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Season Eleven was announced on September 8, 2005[1], and aired in 2007. It premiered on March 7 and the first half of the season ended on April 18. The second half premiered on October 3 and ended on November 14. In Canada, it originally aired on September 28, 2007 and ended January 11, 2008.

Like previous years, this season will have a total of fourteen episodes. This has been the case for all seasons since Season Eight. This season is also the first season to have an Easter Special, "Fantastic Easter Special". This season also contains a trilogy that began with "Imaginationland" and continued into "Imaginationland, Episode II" and concluded in "Imaginationland, Episode III".

This season also marks the return of Jesus in the episode "Fantastic Easter Special". This season also has a key event in the life of Mrs. Garrison in which she becomes a lesbian in "D-Yikes!". It can also be noted that the season premiere, "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", features over forty uses the racial slur "n*gger". Another episode to push the censorship is "Le Petit Tourette" which features Cartman getting Tourette's syndrome. In "The List" (the final episode of the season), Stan and Wendy make up and seem to get back together after their split in "Raisins". This episode also has the first proper death of Kenny since "Best Friends Forever" in Season Nine.


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
S11E1-Thumbnail "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson" March 7, 2007 1101 154

Randy says n*ggers on Wheel of Fortune and Cartman gets into a fight with a midget.

S11E2-Thumbnail "Cartman Sucks" March 14, 2007 1102 155

Cartman pulls his "best trick ever" on Butters and gets him put in a special camp where they "pray the gay away".

S11E3-Thumbnail "Lice Capades" March 21, 2007 1103 156

A hair lice infection hits South Park Elementary. Can Clyde hide his terrible discovery from the others?

S11E4-Thumbnail "The Snuke" March 28, 2007 1104 157

Hillary Clinton's campaign rally arrives in town. Cartman suspects a terrorist threat from the new Muslim student.

S11E5-Thumbnail "Fantastic Easter Special" April 4, 2007 1105 158

Stan wonders how Easter Eggs and Jesus dying on the cross are linked. He soon falls in with an eccentric society guarding a timeless secret.

S11E6-Thumbnail "D-Yikes!" April 11, 2007 1106 159

Ms. Garrison gets dumped yet again, and lets her anger out on her fourth grade class.

S11E7-Thumbnail "Night of the Living Homeless" April 18, 2007 1107 160

South Park is overrun with the homeless. The boys must figure out a way to get rid of them.

S11E8-Thumbnail "Le Petit Tourette" October 3, 2007 1108 161

Cartman discovers the joys of having Tourette's syndrome.

S11E9-Thumbnail "More Crap" October 10, 2007 1109 162

Randy becomes a town hero when everyone sees the size of his crap.

S11E10-Thumbnail "Imaginationland Episode I" October 17, 2007 1110 163

Kyle regrets making a bet with Cartman, and the boys enter a mysterious land full of imaginary creatures.

S11E11-Thumbnail "Imaginationland, Episode II" October 24, 2007 1111 164

Cartman is determined to find Kyle while Butters remains trapped in Imaginationland as the evil creatures break through the barrier...

S11E12-Thumbnail "Imaginationland, Episode III" October 31, 2007 1112 165

Stan and Butters prepare for the battle of their lives, while Cartman takes his case to the Supreme Court.

S11E13-Thumbnail "Guitar Queer-O" November 7, 2007 1113 166

Stan and Kyle become hooked on guitar hero, but Stan's superior skill threatens his and Kyle's friendship.

S11E14-Thumbnail "The List" November 14, 2007 1114 167

The boys try to obtain the list that the girls have made rating how attractive the boys are.

Season Eleven


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