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Season Eighteen of South Park was announced on November 16, 2011[1] and premiered on September 24, 2014. This is the first season to feature a continued storyline.


The storyline in this season focused on Randy's music career under the alias of Lorde. The town begin to love her music, unaware of her true identity. In "#REHASH", he reveals his true identity to the world.


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Sp-1801-press-art-image-01 "Go Fund Yourself" September 24, 2014 1801 248

The boys name their new start-up company, The Washington Redskins.

GlutenFreeEbolaPromo1 "Gluten Free Ebola" October 1, 2014 1802 249

South Park goes gluten free.

TheCissyPromo1 "The Cissy" October 8, 2014 1803 250

Randy is harboring a giant secret and the pressure is getting to him. Meanwhile, Cartman calls Stan a cissy.

HandicarPromo1 "Handicar" October 15, 2014 1804 251

Timmy's successful new car service makes him a lot of enemies.

TheMagicBushPromo1 "The Magic Bush" October 29, 2014 1805 252

Graphic video from an unknown drone is uploaded on the internet.

FreemiumIsntFreePromo2 "Freemium Isn't Free" November 5, 2014 1806 253

Stan is addicted to the new Terrance and Phillip mobile game.

GroundedVindaloopPromo1 "Grounded Vindaloop" November 12, 2014 1807 254

Butters is convinced he's living in a virtual reality.

CockMagicPromo2 "Cock Magic" November 19, 2014 1808 255

There are illegal goings-on in the basement of City Wok.

REHASHPromo1 "#REHASH" December 3, 2014 1809 256

Kyle just wants to play video games with his little brother. But, when Ike doesn't want to play with him anymore, Kyle is afraid that the next generation is passing him by.

HappyHologramsPromo1 "#HappyHolograms" December 10, 2014 1810 257

CartmanBrah is trending as the country prepares to watch the biggest Holiday Spectacular ever.

Season Eighteen