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Season Eight was announced on March 31, 2003[1], and aired in 2004. It began on March 17 and the first half ended on April 28. The second half began on October 27 and ended on December 15.

This season begins the tradition of fourteen episodes per season, continuing up to the Sixteenth Season. This season is the last to feature a Christmas special, "Woodland Critter Christmas", until Season Eighteen's "#HappyHolograms".

This season features an episode, "Good Times with Weapons", produced partly in anime. The episodes in this season tend to consist of more parodies than character based stories.


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
S8E1-Thumbnail "Good Times with Weapons" March 17, 2004 801 112

The boys buy weapons at a fair and imagine themselves as anime characters.

S8E2-Thumbnail "Up the Down Steroid" March 24, 2004 803 113

Jimmy uses steroids to cheat in the Special Olympics. Cartman disguises himself as being mentally retarded to win the prize.

S8E3-Thumbnail "The Passion of the Jew" March 31, 2004 804 114

Kyle develops feelings of anti-Semitism after watching Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ.

S8E4-Thumbnail "You Got F'd in the A" April 7, 2004 805 115

Stan must form a dance group to compete against rivals from Orange County in a spoof of You Got Served.

S8E5-Thumbnail "AWESOM-O" April 14, 2004 802 116

Cartman pretends to be a robot so he can hear private secrets from Butters.

S8E6-Thumbnail "The Jeffersons" April 21, 2004 807 117

All the children want to be friends with a rich new neighbor who is under investigation by the police.

S8E7-Thumbnail "Goobacks" April 28, 2004 806 118

The town becomes angry when immigrants from the year 3045 arrive and take the residents' jobs for lower wages.

S8E8-Thumbnail "Douche and Turd" October 27, 2004 808 119

Stan is forced to vote in an election for the school's new mascot.

S8E9-Thumbnail "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes" November 3, 2004 809 120

When a Wall-Mart store comes to South Park, all the independent stores go out of business.

S8E10-Thumbnail "Pre-School" November 10, 2004 810 121

A face from the past causes trouble for the boys.

S8E11-Thumbnail "Quest for Ratings" November 17, 2004 811 122

The boys' school news show is in competition against a rival television program created by Craig.

S8E12-Thumbnail "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" December 1, 2004 812 123

Wendy feels left out when all the fourth grade girls start acting like Paris Hilton.

S8E13-Thumbnail "Cartman's Incredible Gift" December 8, 2004 813 124

Cartman gains paranormal powers and uses them to become a psychic detective for hire.

S8E14-Thumbnail "Woodland Critter Christmas" December 15, 2004 814 125

Stan helps the Woodland Critters, who await the birth of their savior.

Season Eight


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