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Seaman is a member of the Super Best Friends. The name "Seaman" is often mispronounced as "semen" by other members, including the episode narrator, much to the chagrin of the superhero himself.


Modeled after Aquaman from DC Comics' Superfriends cartoon, he can breathe underwater and communicate with sea creatures. He also has an avian sidekick, Swallow, who joins him on adventures. The other Super Best Friends pronounce his name "semen", which Seaman will angrily reply back "It's SEA-MAN!" and they all laugh. His sidekick is a bird named "Swallow"; this increases the ridicule he receives from the rest of the Super Best Friends due to his catchphrase to Swallow being "Swallow, come!".


Seaman wears a costume consisting of light green pants, a blue shirt, green gloves, black underwear over his pants, and a gold belt. He has wavy blond hair and blond eyebrows.

Powers and abilities

Seaman has the power of flight and the ability to telepathically communicate with marine life, breathe underwater, and survive at any depth. His companion Swallow, despite being a bird, can similarly breathe underwater and survive at any depth.


  • Unlike the other members of the Super Best Friends, Seaman is the only member to not be a religious figure.



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