Señor Lopez is a character who appears in a dream sequence in the Season Thirteen finale episode "Pee".


When Pi Pi's Splashtown is destroyed by a massive wave of pee, Eric Cartman believes that the Mayans were right about the apocalypse and thinks that he is the only non-minority left on Earth. He then daydreams about himself living in a world of minorities and one of them involves talking to Señor Lopez. Cartman tells him that he does just as much work as a minority, but Lopez says that he won't make nearly as much as a minority.


Señor Lopez has combed black hair, black eyebrows, and a large bushy black mustache. He wears a black business suit with a white undershirt and a black tie, black pants, and black shoes. He is seen holding a cigar and is only ever shown with his legs on his desk.


  • Señor Lopez's character model has been used for background characters in several other episodes, such as one of the Mexicans in "D-Yikes!".


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