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Scott Malkinson is a character introduced in the episode "Elementary School Musical". He has a lisp and diabetes, which Cartman rips on him for. The boys use him to replace Stan, who has begun to try to learn how to do musicals to prevent himself from losing Wendy to Bridon Gueermo.


He has had several background appearances since his debut. He appears in the episode "Butters' Bottom Bitch", as a customer of Butters "kissing company", and passes at the background during Cartman's book selling in the episode "Dances with Smurfs".

He later appeared in the Black Friday trilogy where he was seen sharpening a wooden sword in Cartman's backyard and in the episode "A Song of Ass and Fire", "sword fighting" with Butters Stotch. His most major role in the trilogy was a trip to George R. R. Martin's house to find out what happens when the dragons come.

In "Going Native", Scott was mentioned to have been beaten up by Butters Stotch. In "Gluten Free Ebola" everyone is using Scott as a scapegoat for avoiding gluten.

In "Skank Hunt", Scott was a plot in a B story where he pestered school counselor Mr. Mackey he would quit using Twitter because everyone was ignoring him.

Criminal Record

  • Indecent exposure: During the Weiners Out Movement of Season Twenty, he joins Butters' cause and frequently exposes his genitals.


Scott wears a light green jacket with a fairly dark green collar and has teal trousers or light blue jeans. He has freckles and ruffled brown hair with a parting in the middle, also he is of the few student characters to have prominent ears. His voice sounds similar to Butters' so he is most likely voiced by Matt Stone. Most of the time, Scott is seen with his tongue hanging out.

This may be obvious to some fans because Trey Parker voices most of the popular kids as Matt Stone voices most of the least popular. He has a really obvious lisp, leading to Cartman ripping on him. When he goes to sleep, he wears white formal pajamas with light blue stripes (shown in "Skank Hunt") or formal light blue pajamas with red cars.

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Scott Malkinson doesn't appear to be the brightest kid around. He apparently doesn't know that he's uncool, at one point asking, "What's so bad about hanging out with me?" He does make some a half-hearted attempts to stop Cartman's teasing, especially when it comes to his diabetes, but these are ultimately futile, simply fueling Cartman's ridicule. However, it was something intelligent at the end of the Elementary Musical episode, to be able to understand, unlike the 4 protagonists, that the only thing that interested the girls was Bridon Gueermo and not sing or dance.


Clark Malkinson

Clark is Scott's father. Their relationship doesn't look good, as when Scott asked him if they can subscribe to the streaming service Disney+, Clark gets angry at Scott for making that request again, saying that the cable television they have is enough and that he's tired of the growing popularity of streaming media. When Clark leaves home to go work, Scott angrily calls him "Asshole." It's possible that Scott's relationship with his father may be better when they don't talk about it.

Ellen Malkinson

She is Scott's mother. They seem to have a good relationship, like when she is proud of Scott when he says he invited a girl with diabetes to come to watch TV at his house.


Eric Cartman

Cartman takes pleasure in ripping on Scott for his diabetes, often mockingly imitating his distinctive lisp. Scott tries to protest, saying "Hey, don't make fun of my diabetes!" and "That's enough, you guys, it's not cool. Lots of kids have diabetes!", but Cartman disregards this and continues.

In "Basic Cable", Scott goes to Cartman for relationship advice.

The Boys

Most of the boys appear to have a negative impression of Scott Malkinson due to his awkward personality and lack of popularity that has progressively become more neutral in recent years. He was repeatedly silenced and ridiculed by Eric Cartman when trying to speak or interact with his peers, being mocked for his lisp and diabetes in an ironic, bothersome way. Kenny McCormick and Kyle Broflovski both appear to be totally ambivalent towards Scott, often completely ignoring both him and Cartman's ridicule. However, they are well aware that their association with Scott Malkinson makes them incredibly uncool. Although he is still rather unpopular among his peers and does not appear to be particularly close to any of them, Scott has been shown to be included more frequently among some of the boys in recent episodes.

He is most noticeably seen eating lunch with the main boys and their extended friend group more often in the cafeteria and seems to have befriended Eric Cartman and Butters Stotch, having been shown in their company several times in certain episodes and going to Cartman personally for relationship advice in "Basic Cable". He also seems to have bonded somewhat with some of the boys, including Stan Marsh and Clyde Donovan, after being seen shown as a member of their board gamers club in the episode "Board Girls". It is possible that although they do not necessarily like him or consider him "cool" to associate with, the boys have become more tolerant of Scott over time and are now more willing to let him hang out with or be around them.

Sophie Gray

Scott instantly becomes infatuated with Sophie Gray in "Basic Cable", after hearing that she has diabetes. He believes he has fallen in love with her almost immediately upon meeting her and feels entitled to be with Sophie on the mere basis of their shared diabetes, focusing on no other aspect of her beyond her condition. He goes great lengths to try to impress her and lashes out angrily at any boy who tries to pursue her, feeling threatened upon witnessing several of the other boys also developing attractions to her at the school. He and Sophie arrange a meet up at Scott's house in order to watch The Mandalorian, but Disney+ suddenly goes down. They go to Jimmy's house to continue watching the show, but the same thing happens. Seeing the boys comforting Sophie, Scott angrily yells at them for trying to steal his girlfriend. Sophie says that she isn't his girlfriend and that she's more than just her diabetes. Scott sadly tells her that he's not.

Later that night, Scott is sitting alone in the playground and Sophie comes to comfort him. She tells him that she's glad there's someone she can talk about diabetes with and that she doesn't think he's any weirder or grosser than any of the other boys in this town. She reassures Scott that she is not disappointed at having missed her show and the episode ends on a heartwarming note with Sophie saying that she is “kind of starting to like the Scott Malkinson show” as they spend quality time together. Although Sophie ultimately did not get into a romantic relationship with Scott or return his affection, she nonetheless expressed gratitude over having met someone new who could relate to the struggles diabetics face, and they remain friends.

Butters Stotch

Despite having been beat up by him in "Going Native", Scott and Butters seem to have a friendship, as shown by Butters' concern for Scott when he began experiencing low blood sugar due to having not eaten in "A Song of Ass and Fire" and "Titties and Dragons".

Jason White

Establishing shots of the cafeteria in multiple episodes show Scott and Jason eating lunch with unnamed kids. This could indicate a possible friendship between the two. However, the two have never actually been seen interacting.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

He is seen on the front cover of GameInformer magazine's coverage of South Park: The Stick of Truth. Despite how Cartman treats Scott on the show, Scott joins sides with Cartman's human faction of the Kingdom of Kupa Keep. Scott quickly befriends Douchebag. After Clyde is banished by Cartman, he assumes the role of Kupa Keep's shopkeeper. Scott is later used for practice when Douchebag is trained to use the Cup-A-Spell fart.


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