Not to be confused with Scott Tenorman, Cartman's half brother.

Scott is a male teenager who made his first appearance in the Season Two episode "Clubhouses".


Scott has messy brown long brown hair and various freckles on his face. He wears a white shirt under a black jacket, dark blue pants and black shoes.



Scott in "Timmy 2000".

In "Clubhouses", when teenage girls are talking to Cartman inside a treehouse, Scott and another boy show up and the girls welcome them. Cartman immediately asks who they are and the girls respond that they invited some people to their clubhouse. Scott is then later seen along with the other teenage guests making noise in the club house, he also appears among the people who accidentally kill Kenny in a mess in the club house.

Scott made a notable appearance in "Timmy 2000", but without a speaking role.

Scott's last notable appearance was in "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers", where he joins the 6th Graders for a porn tape The Boys were carrying.



Jonesy is a member of The Lords of the Underworld. Scott is seen arriving at the club house with him in "Clubhouses". However, as the band did not exist at that time and Jonesy's character was only officially introduced in "Cat Orgy", it is possible that in this episode he was acting as someone else. Scott is seen watching Jonesy's band on "Timmy 2000".

Runaway Girls

Scott and Jonesy are apparently invited by the two girls. Scott is seen with one of them in "Timmy 2000", so we can assume that they are great friends.



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