Satan is the ruler of Hell, and constantly finds his way up to the town of South Park to carry out his nefarious schemes. Satan appears to be a homosexual, as he was in a relationship with Saddam Hussein, later with a new lover, Chris and yet another lover in Best Friends Forever. (Despite this, he does have a biological son named Damien) Satan is not content with his lot in eternity, and has in the past tried to take over the surface world. He is not without compassion however, and has shown that he has a good heart several times in the past, as when he granted Kenny a wish for helping him with his love life in the movie.

Satan is an accomplished singer, has had a boxing match with Jesus once, and has showcased his talent several times in the past. His voice sounds simular to the one of Herbert Garrison, though it's much deeper and lower. This is most obvious at the and of the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, when he say's with Mr. Hat's voice: "Sure, Mr. Satan".

Satan's plots have included in the past:

  • A gambling scheme in which he took a dive to Jesus in a boxing match to collect the heavily favored prize winnings from the bookie.
  • A prophecy which foretold his conquering of the surface due to the intolerance brought into the world by Mothers Against Canada.
  • A war to conquer heaven which was thwarted by Kenny and his golden PSP.

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  • Satan's biceps are shaped like a penis.
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