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Sarah Valmer (previously Swanson) is Jimmy Valmer's mother and Ryan Valmer's wife. She first appears in "Krazy Kripples", suspecting Jimmy has joined a gang.


In "Fishsticks", she offers Jimmy and Cartman fruits and vegetables for a snack to replace Cartman's chips, before saving Jimmy from a black widow spider. Cartman would later misremember both events, with himself killing the spider, and Sarah bringing them chips and telling him he's "handsome and not even remotely fat".


Sarah wears a white shirt with a noticeable amount of cleavage, underneath is an orange sleeveless dress, with a white belt around her waist. Her hair is almost wavy, long and black, and like most of the moms in South Park, she wears red lipstick. Her breasts seem to be quite large and full-shaped, this being different from most of the South Park women, who are often portrayed as flat until they take off their shirt.


Little is known about her personality, but she apparently can get very emotional, as in "Krazy Kripples", when she and Ryan try to get Jimmy out of the gang he's joined, but when he refuses, she bursts into tears.




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