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Sam, David, and Chris are three of Randy Marsh's geologist friends who appear in the Season Five premiere episode "It Hits the Fan".


When the television show Cop Drama announces that they will be saying the word "shit" uncensored on TV, Randy and his friends Sam, David, and Chris are seen discussing about the event, saying that they will allow their children to watch the show. Later on, they are seen watching Cop Drama at the bar, where David can be seen contracting the "black death" from saying the word "shit" too much, possibly indicating that he may have died later on.


Sam has short brown hair and brown eyebrows. He wears a dark green shirt with a gray tie, a light brown belt, navy green pants, and black shoes.

David has short light brown hair and light brown eyebrows. He wears a navy green shirt with a maroon tie, a brown belt, light brown pants, and black shoes.

Chris has balding gray hair and gray eyebrows. He wears a white shirt with a maroon tie, a black belt, maroon pants, and black shoes.

All three of them have a pen in their shirt pockets.


  • Sam is the only one of them whose name is mentioned in the show. David and Chris' names are only mentioned in the official script for "It Hits the Fan".


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