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Sally is Terrance and Celine Dion's daughter. She appeared in the Season Two episode, "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus".


Scott the Dick is angry because Terrance was found not to be guilty of the murder of Dr. Jeffrey O'Dwyer. Later at his house, he gets a phone call from the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, who proposes a plan to get Terrance and Phillip out of Canada, while in exchange Scott will get Saddam and his friends into Canada.

The two then abduct Terrance and Celine Dion's daughter, Sally, to use her as bait to deceive Terrance and Phillip into going to Tehran, where they plan to murder them both. Terrance receives a letter that says his daughter is being held captive in Iran. He and Phillip fly to Tehran to rescue Sally. After finding Sally, they immediately return to Canada, before the Iraqi soldiers get a chance to kill them.


Sally wears a lime green skirt and a pink bow. She has brown hair and the traditional flappy Canadian head that most Canadians have.


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