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Episode no. Season 21
Episode 09
Production no. 2109
Original airdate November 29, 2017
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"SUPER HARD PCness" is the ninth episode of Season Twenty-One, and the 286th overall episode of South Park. It aired on November 29, 2017.[1]


PC Principal is wrestling with some unfamiliar feelings. Meanwhile, boys will be boys except for Kyle who, for the first time, seems to see things differently from the rest of his friends.[1]


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In Netflix headquarters, a worker is speaking to Terrance and Phillip about getting them a Netflix series. The duo have aged considerably and are now old men, with weaker farts. They pitch their idea to the worker, who loves it and instantly accepts them.

Stan is sorting out his locker when a large crowd comes down the corridor. He asks what's going on and discovers Cartman and Heidi are fighting, to which he runs to see. The two are punching each other and arguing, with Cartman complaining he wants to watch Terrance and Phillip with his friends and Heidi complaining that he promised a date night. Kyle tries to break it up and gives a speech. After a short pause, Heidi tells him to shut up and remarks that he sounds like his mom. The crowd then laughs at him and the couple make up. Everybody leaves, angry at Kyle for ruining it.

In the gymnasium, PC Principal is hosting an assembly about bullying. He says the school needs a strong woman for vice principal, before introducing the new vice principal, Strong Woman. She comes on to the applause of PC Principal. She starts giving a speech, which is interrupted by PC Principal telling Butters Stotch to be quiet. Strong Woman berates him, saying she could have easily done that herself. PC Principal apologizes and she continues. Later on in the speech, PC Principal interrupts to reiterate a point she makes and is told off again. She continues and is again interrupted by PC Principal, who, incorrectly believing she has finished, asks if there are any questions. He is put in his place again.

The boys are watching The Terrance and Phillip Show on Netflix. Due to their age, they speak slower and Phillip has to use a stepladder to fart on Terrance. The boys still find this extremely funny, apart from Kyle. Heidi and Cartman then enter to watch with the boys. A Mexican then joins the show and is farted on, which the group laugh at. Stan notices Kyle not laughing and wonders what's wrong. Kyle says that he now feels bad for the person being farted on. Heidi again compares him to his mom, and he is laughed at by the boys because of it.

PC Principal introduces the vice principal to the staff of the school. Strong Woman then speaks, telling them to refer to her as Vice Principal Woman. She speaks about the students and "Hold My Hand" by Hootie And The Blowfish starts playing as PC Principal falls in love with her. Mr. Mackey then stops Strong Woman as he can hear the song in PC Principal's head. Strong Woman agrees and tries to pinpoint where the song is coming from. PC Principal, in a panic, runs out.

At recess, Kyle is watching various episodes of Terrance and Phillip on his phone. He does not find it funny anymore. A song plays as Kyle walks off. He goes home and decides to change his appearance. He puts a new shirt on and shaves his hair shorter. He then looks in the mirror and, proud of his appearance, puts his hat and jacket back on.

PC Principal is waiting in the doctor's surgery, with "Hold My Hand" still playing in his head. He tries to cover his ears but the song can still be heard. The doctor then enters. PC Principal tells him that he can hear a song. The doctor examines his ears. When PC Principal tells him about Strong Woman, he suggests the principal is in love with her. PC Principal then shows signs of regret.

Kyle goes to see Strong Woman and gives her his thoughts about how bullying is being caused by Terrance and Phillip. Strong Woman dismisses the idea as ridiculous. She says it is the kind of thing her mother would say, further adding to the insults Kyle has received of being like his mother. Kyle storms out and hears Cartman and Heidi on the intercom, once again making fun of him.

PC Principal is at his desk, still suffering through the song. Mr. Mackey enters and PC Principal asks for his thoughts on Strong Woman. He praises her, saying she is good with the kids. PC Principal asks if she is single, and Mackey shouts at him. He then declares he will get someone from Human Resources to sort PC Principal out.

A news report shows about Canada being a bad influence. The reporter speaks to Kyle, who says there is a bad culture from Canada so they should be to blame. The Canadian Minister of Streaming joins to debate with Kyle. During the debate, Kyle is once again insulted, when the minister says he sounds like "a Jewish Mother". Kyle then argues, and the minister jokingly suggests he talks to the president, and Kyle remarks that he actually knows the president, to which the minister calls him a Jewish mother again. Kyle yells at him again.

PC Principal introduces Heather Conduct from Human Resources to the staff. Heather, who looks and acts similar to Mr. Mackey, speaks to the staff about workers relationships. She asks if anyone has had feelings for a co-worker, and Strong Woman admits she has, to the surprise of PC Principal.

Terrance and Phillip are still making the show, this time with a girl scout. Phillip farts on her and the two laugh, before being stopped by Kyle. Other Millennials Against Canada come to shut the show down. Kyle gets a call from Stan, who, along with the other boys (and Heidi), are watching the events unfold on the news. Kyle tells Stan off, saying what he is doing is good. The phone is taken from Stan by Tweek who panics as Herbert Garrison is the president and they're all gonna die.

Ms. Conduct introduces a roleplay to the staff and gets Mr. Mackey to help her. They roleplay a normal start of the day scene. When she asks Mackey what methods he uses. When he tells her he uses the semi-cognitive approach, she goes off-topic and gets excited as there are so few people who use that method. The two start a conversation about the method and end up falling in love.

The Canadian Minister of Streaming visits the White House to berate Mr. Garrison for his millennials. Mr. Garrison shows little interest and insults Canada, calling it a "third-world country". The two start arguing and the minister threatens the president.

Mr. Mackey and Ms. Conduct continue to speak off-topic about hiking, with the other staff still watching. The roleplay stops when a military alert goes out. PC Principal tells everyone to get the children to the gymnasium.

The National Guard start flying over Terrance and Phillip's set. Kyle then receives a call from the president. Garrison asks what Kyle wants. Kyle replies with a speech, saying he doesn't want bullying, he doesn't want the fear of being farted on, and he doesn't want a girl he liked turning into another Eric Cartman, referring to Heidi. He then says what Canada has done "needs to be erased from the Earth".

The children are running out of classrooms, with PC Principal and Strong Woman guiding them. The two then go to check other classrooms, where PC Principal faces the dilemma of opening the door, due to opening a door to a lady possibly being gender bias. The two go to open the door together and their hands touch. "Hold my Hand" then plays again as the two fall in love.

Garrison is at his desk, where he opens the nuclear football. He puts a key in and types in a code. This sends a nuke to Canada, which causes a massive explosion. The Canadian people are then blown away screaming. Kyle watches this on a TV in shock, knowing he is the one who caused it.

Critical Reception

AV Club gave "SUPER HARD PCness" a "C+" rating saying: "While “Super Hard PCness” doesn’t actively comment on the staggering amount of nightmarish shit that gets covered on a daily basis, it still captures where we’re at, at least tonally. If climate change wipes us out in the next century and some alien race discovers our remains, they need only watch season 21 of South Park to get an idea of what the world was like in 2017."[2]

IGN gave "SUPER HARD PCness" a "7.7" rating saying: ""Super Hard PCness" is definitely a case where the plot could have used a little more time to cook. The various plot threads in this episode don't come together as a cohesive whole. Even so, the pieces are generally entertaining enough on their own. It's fun to see PC principal treated as the protagonist for a change, and Kyle's inadvertent slide into villainy makes for one of the better plot twists this season. At this point, a lot is riding on how the writers choose to wrap things up next week."[3]


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