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Ryan Valmer (previously Ryan Swanson and Stephen) is Jimmy Valmer's father and Sarah Valmer's husband. He is the Chief of the Fire Department for the City Council in South Park. Mr. Valmer appears first in the episode, "Krazy Kripples" along with Mrs. Valmer as they suspect that Jimmy has joined a gang.


Ryan wears a blue shirt with a greenish-blue tie, underneath a red sweater with a blue and orange diamond pattern at the bottom. He also wears dark green trousers. His hair is brown, and he seems to have a slight double chin.


Ryan is shown to be very concerned for Jimmy's welfare, asking him if he joined a gang when he hears rumors that Jimmy is involved in a gang society in "Krazy Kripples". Ryan seems to be rather nosy, as in "Up the Down Steroid", he kept poking into Jimmy's room, asking if he was masturbating. He also seems to be clueless for in "Night of the Living Homeless", he suggests giving the homeless designer sleeping bags and makeovers so they'll be easier to look at. Ryan and his wife both believe that their son's disability is a punishment from God, as they used to make fun of disabled children while in high school. He is occasionally rather inattentive as in "Funnybot", he paid almost no mind to Jimmy's plight about the Comedy Awards' failure until accidentally giving him a "What, what" in an obviously confused manner.

Criminal Record[]

  • Drunk driving: In "Christmas Snow", Ryan was among the parents who drove while drunk.


Sarah Valmer[]

He is Sarah's husband. While they haven't been seen interacting often, we can assume they have a stable marriage, as they have not been seen fighting.

Jimmy Valmer[]

He is Jimmy's father. He is often seen ignoring Jimmy when he tries to speak with him, however, in "Krazy Kripples", he was shown to care deeply about his son's well-being.





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