Rudy Giuliani is a nonfictional character who appeared in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Season Finale". He is an attorney of U.S. President Garrison who helped Randy Marsh who was under arrest for donating bombs to put an end of home growing weed to support his business.


Rudy Giuliani is slightly bald. He has grey hair to the sides of his head and has two wrinkles on his forehead. He wears dessert-colored glasses and his teeth appear to be crooked. He wears a black suit along with black pants and black shoes. Under his black suit, he wears a blue shirt and a red tie.


Rudy Giuliani is a character who serves as President Garrison's attorney and gives him a blowjob on a normal basis. When incarcerated, Randy Marsh called President Garrison from his office at the White House notifying he needed legal help from one of his professional lawyers. Garrison suggested he plays the victim and accuse others of something that technically didn't happen. He says he uses this strategy on a normal basis to change the subject. However, Garrison sent Giuliani to help Randy with his upcoming arrangement. Rudy visits Randy at a prison and introduces himself. He apparently pulls his pants and underpants down to give Randy weed he sneaked into from his rectum.

In the episode, a CNN anchor describes Giuliani as "the President's lawyer and treasonous pig."

Non-fictional biography

In real-life, Rudy Giuliani is a Republican who currently serves as Donald Trump's attorney. He was the mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001. Prior to becoming mayor, he was appointed to the United States Associate Attorney General from 1981 to 1983.

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