Romper Stomper is a appeared in the Season Four episode, "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000".


Romper Stomper was Eric Cartman's cell-mate at the Alamosa Maximum Security Juvenile Hall. He wanted cigarettes and would tell Cartman retrieve them, when Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski visited. Even more desperate was his desire to see Disneyland. He seems to have a love for movies, seen when Cartman and Romper Stomper attempted to escape. During the escape, Romper Stomper told Cartman to escape on without him.

Cartman obliges and continues to leave, until the security guards catch up to the two. The guards let Cartman go free, due to him being pardoned, however, Romper Stomper was to return to the facility. Cartman later visits Romper Stomper, with the whole of Disneyland hidden in his rectum, allowing Romper finally see it.


Romper Stomper has messy black hair, a teardrop tattoo, and with two other tattoos on his arms. He is short for his age, shown to be shorter than any fifth grader.


He is shown to be a bit dramatic. Romper Stomper is also shown to feel sympathy for people when they cry. This is evident when Cartman cries, after learning that Romper Stomper lied about helping him escape.


  • Romper Stomper can be seen using Romper Stompers, two yellow cups one strapped to the bottom his shoes, a toy made popular in the 1970s. [2]
  • Romper Stomper's character is likely based on Hondo's character in the film, Romper Stomper, a film about hate crimes.[3][citation needed]


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