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"Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods"
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Episode no. Season 2
Episode 11
Production no. 211
Original airdate September 2, 1998
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"Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods" is the eleventh episode of Season Two and the 24th overall episode of South Park. It originally aired on September 2, 1998.[1]


Is the new planetarium a harmless place to learn about the solar system, or the scene of a diabolical plot to control the minds of South Park's citizens?[1]


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Plot details follow.

In school, Stan questions what Mr. Garrison is teaching. He asks why they cannot be like normal kids and do stuff like field trips. Garrison answers that they are actually going on a field trip to the planetarium the next day. At the planetarium, the kids watch a laser show involving stars, except for Cartman who spots the Cheesy Poofs van that is auditioning kids for the Cheesy Poofs advertisement. Cartman auditions successfully and makes it to the next round.

In the planetarium, the laser show takes an unusual twist and begins to hypnotize everyone. The kids all say they want to visit the planetarium again right after leaving it; they have been successfully hypnotized to actually like the planetarium. The next day, Cartman goes to his audition and makes it through to the finale and discovers he will be appearing on television. Later, the kids go back to the planetarium to be hypnotized by the spinning stars again and they are hypnotized so much that they all become volunteers there.

On the school bus, a crazed kid from the planetarium, Van Gelder, shows up. He has escaped from there and is sent to Nurse Gollum upon arrival at the school. In the nurse's office, Mr. Mackey tries a mind to mind technique (mind-meld) which helps Mr. Mackey discover what is going on. Stan, Kyle, and Kenny realize something isn't right - the kids did not volunteer for things normally. Stan and Kyle work the laser machine and see how it affects Kenny. They begin by turning the dial to a lower setting, which does not affect Kenny at all. So they turn the dial-up higher and the stars begin to move; Kenny is hypnotized by the other boys into a helpless hypnotic trance and cannot answer. They decide to turn the hypnotization dial to the highest point and it kills Kenny by blowing up his head. His mind is unable take the powerful hypnosis and his head explodes.

Stan and Kyle go to Officer Barbrady and ask him to arrest the owner of the planetarium, Dr. Tristan Adams. Barbrady is hypnotized by the laser machine and convinced he is Elvis Presley. Cartman is initially elated to see himself appear on the Cheesy Poofs ad on TV (despite being only for one second at the end), but discovers that none of his friends watched it because they were at the planetarium — he does not realize that they are in a hypnotic trance. Mr. Mackey shows up at the planetarium; he and the boys are soon taken to be hypnotized. As they watch the lasers and are entranced into a hypnotic slumber, Cartman bursts in. An angry Cartman smashes the laser device. It swings around and shines a bright white light straight into Dr. Adams' eyes. By the time Cartman unties everyone and turns off the machine, Adams' mind has been completely erased. Stan and Kyle muse about the power of the machine that Dr. Adams built, but Cartman is just happy to be the hero for once.


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