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Roger Donovan is Clyde's widowed father. He was mentioned in "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow", and he first appeared in "Red Hot Catholic Love" at the book meeting. He was usually seen with his wife until her death in "Reverse Cowgirl", and his name was revealed in the same episode.

He is now the widower of Betsy Donovan, however, he is shown to be dating a new woman in South Park (Not Suitable For Children).


He is first mentioned as a geologist in "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow" but in "The List" it is revealed he owns a shoe store, which is the basis of the episode's plotline, as the girls corrupt the list of cutest boys so they can date Clyde for free shoes.

In South Park (Not Suitable For Children), he is shown to be dating a new woman named Janice. She and Roger prevent Clyde Donovan from getting any Cred, much to his annoyance. However, Clyde would later sneak a fake Cred bottle from Nathan to school. Roger also seemed to have no association with Janice's Cred plan to influence Clyde, despite constantly defending and often showing affection towards her.


He has dark brown hair, a large chin, and glasses. He also wears a dark green coat over a white buttoned shirt, with the collar over the coat, and dark blue pants.


Betsy Donovan[]

He was Betsy Donovan's husband, however, he is now a widower as of "Reverse Cowgirl". He has since found a new girlfriend and possible fiancé.

Clyde Donovan[]

Roger is Clyde's father. In South Park (Not Suitable For Children), they seem to have a neutral relationship. Clyde does not seem to show much emotion towards him when not triggered by Janice.


She and Roger are seen together in South Park (Not Suitable For Children).


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