Robert Redford made his first appearance in "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls". He later reappears in "200" and "201".


Robert has short brown hair, brown eyebrows, and several facial wrinkles. He wears a blue, button-up shirt and blue pants.


He was shown to have a dark personality and seems to be very manipulative, turning small towns like South Park into Los Angeles-esque cities, under the guise of having a "Film Festival", without anyone noticing his true intentions.



  • "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls" - Robert Redford and his associates move the Sunday Film Festival to South Park. He then reveals his dark plan: He will move the festival from city to city until every small quiet town looks and acts like Los Angeles. Later, when Mr. Hankey starts calling from the sewers, Robert is shown to have presumably drowned in his car.
  • "200" - One the celebrities suing South Park.
  • "201" - One of the pissed off celebrities.


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