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Rob Reiner is an American celebrity best known for his portrayal of Micheal "Meathead" Stivic from the TV show "All in the Family" and his political activism. He first appeared in "Butt Out" as a primary antagonist.


When the boys accidentally burn down South Park Elementary after smoking so they wouldn't end up becoming like the people in the Butt Out anti-smoking assembly, they are quick to deny personal blame, instead saying that it was the tobacco industry who convinced them to smoke. The parents, more than willing to believe their story, then summon the greatest Anti-smoking lobbyist alive: Rob Reiner to help stop the tobacco company in South Park.

Reiner (poorly disguised as a woman called 'Rita Poon') takes the boys to the tobacco factory in order to photoshop a picture of the boys smoking. Cartman gains a strong admiration to Rob Reiner because of his reputation to impose his will on other people and eventually, he hires Cartman to be in a commercial making him say that second-hand smoking gave him cancer and he is going to die. Cartman soon becomes suspicious because his creepy henchmen offered him a presumably poisonous cupcake in order to kill him and make the commercial seem more "real".

Rob after being struck by Cartman.

The Boys rush to the tobacco company for protection, as Reiner leads the townsfolk to riot against the company. However, when the boys admit that they chose to smoke on their own and that Reiner is a fascist liar, the town decides that smoking shouldn't be banned. Cartman then states that he doesn't admire Rob Reiner anymore. so he stabs him with a fork, causing him to deflate with green goo pouring out of him, killing him, showing him to be inhuman.

Reiner later appears in South Park's 200th Episode. After Tom Cruise is insulted (yet again) by Stan, Cruise joins forces with Reiner (who apparently survived his fork stabbing or was resurrected somehow) to rally together all of the Celebrities that South Park has ever met and insulted to plot against the town. Initially, it appears that they simply intend to file a class-action lawsuit against the town, however Cruise reveals that his true intent is to kidnap the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, and steal from him his power to never be mocked and ridiculed.

To accomplish this, Rob Reiner devises a machine that will steal the "goo" that is supposedly inside all beings (such as the goo that melted out of him), and which will transfer Muhammad's anti-ridicule power. When South Park however is unable to hand over Muhammad, due to threats made by the Ginger Separatist Movement, Cruise demands that they launch their own attack against South Park. Reiner suggests they use "her". It turns out that Reiner has managed to salvage and re-build Mecha-Streisand, who the celebrities then unleash against South Park. Later in 201, the Celebrities and Gingers work together, they use Reiner's machine to transfer the goo from Muhammad into Tom Cruise. However, the plan proves unsuccessful, as Cruise is still able to be mocked.


Rob Reiner is a massively obese man with flushed cheeks, a thick white/greyish beard and completely bald on top. He wears black pants and horrific multi-colored "Cosby" sweaters, that often rise-up over his massive belly. He is usually shown eating a burger or a drumstick and wiping down his sweat-covered forehead.


He is manipulative, using children to get smoking banned as well as thinking his opinion matters above everyone else's, despite how ridiculous this may be. Ironically, he constantly eats junk food at an extremely unhealthy rate, which can be just as hazardous as smoking, showing that he prioritizes stopping others from smoking while hypocritically overlooking his own faults and health. Cartman labels his authoritarian, domineering attitude "fascist".


  • "Butt Out" - Primary antagonist.
  • "200" - One of the pissed off celebrities; suggests the idea to steal Muhammad's "goo".
  • "201" - One of the pissed off celebrities; secondary antagonist.


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