A doctor putting Ritalout pills in the lemonade.

Ritalout is a fictional drug that negates the effects of Ritalin, a medication used to treat the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. It was seen in the Season Four episode, "Timmy 2000".


In "Timmy 2000", a majority of the children are misdiagnosed with ADD and are subsequently prescribed Ritalin. However, the children and various townsfolk quickly become boring and dull enough to want to see a Phil Collins concert. While there, Chef and the doctors put Ritalout in the lemonade that everyone drinks making them normal again.


  • Ritalout is a joke on the fact that the opposite of 'in' is 'out', so Ritalout should negate the effects of Ritalin.
  • There is one scene in which the letters on the Ritalout bottle are visible, revealing that the drug is actually MDMA, a euphoric empathogen and the primary ingredient in the street drug ecstasy.


  • "Timmy 2000" - Seen being administered to children to negate the effects of Ritalin.
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