A doctor putting Ritalout pills in the lemonade.

Ritalout is a fake drug that negates the effects of Ritalin. In the episode "Timmy 2000" everyone is diagnosed with ADD and are prescribed with Ritalin. However they over dose on it, becoming boring and dull enough to go and see a Phil Collins concert. While there, Chef and the doctors put Ritalout in the lemonade that everyone drinks, making them normal again.


  • Ritalout is a joke on the fact that the opposite of 'in' is 'out', so Ritalout should negate the effects of Ritalin.
  • There is one scene in which the letters on the Ritalout bottle are visible, revealing that the drug is actually MDMA, a euphoric empathogen and the primary ingredient in the street drug ecstasy.
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