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Rise of the Fourthies is a story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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Plot details follow.


The Sixth Graders are blocking the path to Main Street. Defeat them to gain access to the town.


Defeat the Sixth Graders guarding the entry to Main Street. Defeating them should be pretty easy. Just head to the center of town near the South Park sign.

Throw a Snap N Pop at the basket of fireworks on the sixth grader's bike, and make sure to land the first punch for an advantage.

While in battle, one of the Sixth Grade Bullies will prepare Piss Balloons as an attack. Make sure to end your turn outside of the danger zone, and use The Human Kite’s support abilities liberally for an easy battle.

Super Craig’s Mega Fist Punch is his most powerful attack, too, so keep this in mind when using him.

Defeating the Sixth Graders grants you a new, more powerful Artifact that increases your Might to 20. Equip it, then continue to Gotta Go Fast (Travel).


  • A Sixth Grader will notice the New Kid's allies, and shout: "Sure, invite all the fourthie friends you want to this ass kicking. More ass for me." The latter part of the sentence (More ass for me) later came back in a literal and morbid way in the mission The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto.
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