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Rick and Susan Tyler are the Hopeful Hills camp counselors who appear in the Season Four episode "Fat Camp".


Their job is to help overweight children lose weight through exercise and proper diet. Rick is the first counselor to appear; he welcomes Eric Cartman to fat camp. At the camp introduction, Susan initially dresses up in a glutinous fat costume before introducing herself to the campers. The campers struggle with the exercises and the healthy food they are provided. However, they realize that no child has lost weight and think they are doing something wrong. The campers' parents come to pick up their children, thinking the camp is a fraud. Chad then reveals that Cartman has been selling candy to the campers after lights out. The parents let their children return to the camp but Cartman is banished for his actions.


Rick has short black hair. Susan has brown shoulder-length hair, long eyelashes, and pink lipstick. Both of them wear turquoise collared shirts with name tags on the right, light blue shorts with white stripes on either side, white socks, and black shoes. Rick has a whistle around his neck.


They appear to be very enthusiastic and positive, attempting to convince the campers that exercise and healthy food, are fun and enjoyable, although the campers find them a torture.


  • Rick has a faulty name tag which reads "Murry Smith". This could be his old name during the development of the episode. It is not known if Rick's surname is still "Smith".
  • The Anonymous leader named "Michael" who appeared in "Bloody Mary" bears a close resemblance to Rick.


Rick: "I'm doing great! Why don't you come on out and we'll get you oriented."


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