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Rick is Herbert Garrison's boyfriend who appears in the Season Twenty-Five episode "Pajama Day".


During fourth-grade class, Mr. Garrison introduces his new boyfriend Rick, explaining that they had met up prior and began to foster a new relationship. Rick thought that it was awkward to be showing up in Mr. Garrison's class, however the latter brushes it off and describes Rick as "nervous" and "shy". Rick then leaves on his own, promising to pick Garrison up after school. Garrison later mentions that after finding out he was still getting calls from another ex-boyfriend, Rick was understanding and allowed him time to process, but they still spent a night together embracing each other.

After the school declares an "Opposite Day", Rick returns to the class, being dragged by Garrison and appearing in pajamas.

They are still dating as of "Back To The Cold War", when Garrison explains to the classroom that they recently had a fight, but that Rick was completely in the wrong. The class is disinterested, more concerned about Vladimir Putin, however, Garrison misunderstands them and claims he did not fart while having sex with Rick.


Rick has gray hair that is combed to the left and a gray mustache. He wears a pale yellow polo shirt, blue shorts, pink socks, and white shoes, as well as an earstud on his left ear.

At the end of "Pajama Day", Rick is seen wearing a pajamas set consisting of a red shirt with gray sleeves, gray pants, and red slippers. His pajamas is largely decorated with patterns of pine trees, mountains, and red tents, bearing the words "Happy Camper".

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