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Richard Tweak is Tweek Tweak's father. He makes his first appearance in the episode "Gnomes".



Richard Tweak

Richard Tweak in the Coffee Shop

In their first appearance in "Gnomes", it is revealed that Richard and Mrs. Tweak are the joint owners of Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse family coffee shop, which only stays open due to being the only coffee shop in town. However, when Harbucks (a parody of Starbucks) plans to open a shop in South Park, Richard grows concerned that they will be run out of business.

Upon discovering that their son Tweek and the Boys need to write a current event report in front of the Town Council (in order to prove to them that Mr. Garrison is a competent teacher), Mr. Tweak decides to use the boys to push his agenda regarding Hardbucks. He proceeds to write a long-winded paper about how big business is destroying small family-owned business. The speech works, causing the town to turn against Harbucks and try to push through a legal proposition to outlaw Harbucks.

Cindy Tweak

Mrs. Tweak in the kitchen of her house.

While Richard is thrilled at having used the kids to push his beliefs, Mrs. Tweak is disgusted by her husband's behavior, wanting nothing more to do with it. When the boys later discover from the Underpants Gnomes that big corporations are good, she joins the boys and explains to the town that Harbucks got to where it was by being the best. Richard, realizing she is right, makes amends with the owner of Harbucks, who asks him to run the South Park branch.

When he next appears in "Tweek vs. Craig", Richard tells Tweek that when he was in high school, all the young men were after Mrs. Tweak, but she only had eyes for Richard. One day, a football player who went by the name "Quib" wanted her, and he challenged Richard to a fight. Richard doesn't say what happened after that, other than that Quib moved away.

His next major appearance was in "South Park is Gay!", in which the men and boys of South Park begin obsessing over the new Metrosexuality fad caused by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. At first the wives love the new versions of their husbands and sons, but soon realize that its not as good as they initially though. When the men and boys become too wimpy and shallow, the wives realize that they preferred their husbands been strong men. The wives then proceed to go to New York, where they then kill the Queer Eye guys, who are revealed to be Crab People.

They appear to have reopened their coffee house by "201", the family is seen outside of it and Richard expresses worry that Mecha-Streisand will destroy their coffee shop.


Richard wears a burgundy-red sweater, and grayish-blue jeans. His hair is short, curly, and dark brown, with a rather long, pointed nose. He talks calmly which is completely opposite of jittery Tweek. He often gets lost in his own little-world where he repeats cliche metaphors about how good something is.


Judging from the events of "Gnomes", he appears to be manipulative, exploiting his son and the boys in order to help run Harbucks out of town. Generally, his relaxed nature serves as a contrast to his son Tweek.


Tweek Tweak

Richard and Mrs. Tweak have a son, whom they have named after the family name. Unlike either of his parents, Tweek has blond hair. This could mean that he is a throwback to an older ancestor. Richard has been shown to attempt strong male-bonding with his son. Whenever Tweek is spazzing out over something, Richard will try his best to calm him down, usually by giving him coffee. Both parents seem unaware of the fact that caffeine is what causes Tweek's paranoia and hyperactivity in the first place. Richard apparently pays for therapy for his son, though it doesn't seem to have worked. Tweek alleges, however, that his parents "never help" in "Tweek vs. Craig" and bangs his head into the table, with his parents not noticing. In "Child Abduction is Not Funny", it is shown that despite sometimes using abusive methods towards their son for his own safety, they care deeply for him like any normal parents and are only trying to protect him.

Mrs. Tweak

Richard is married to Mrs. Tweak. They are shown to have a good relationship, however, in "Gnomes", Richard seemed oblivious to his wife's objection to what he was doing.


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