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Richard Stamos is the fictional brother of John Stamos and was featured in the Season One episode, "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride".


Richard Stamos is hired to be the guest singer for the South Park Cows versus Middle Park Cowboys half-time show. The song he chose to perform is "Lovin' You", by Minnie Riperton.

Jimbo Kern and Ned Gerblanski persuade others to bet on the South Park Cows. To ensure a victory, they plan to use explosives against the Middle Park Cowboys mascot during the half-time show. The explosives were set to go off when Stamos was to sing the high F note, however as Mr. Garrison noted, he could not.

After Stan Marsh gave his speech about his adventures with Big Gay Al, Stamos announced to the crowd that he could sing the high F note. After demonstrating the note, much to the chagrin of Jimbo and Ned, the explosives were detonated.


Richard Stamos wears an aqua blue shirt and dark blue pants. He has long brown hair. He also has different eyes to the normal South Park characters, with having large pupils.


  • John Stamos does not have a brother named Richard Stamos.
  • Richard Stamos shares the same design as Suzanne Somers in "Death".
  • in the Cuban dub, he is named as "The Lost Son of Julio Iglesias".


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