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Richard Burch is Timmy's dad. He appears in "Timmy 2000".


Richard Burch is an adult who lives in South Park and is married to Helen Burch. Like his son and his wife, he can only say his own name, he has a large head, and he uses a wheelchair. He presumably suffers from the same syndrome that Timmy has. In "Timmy 2000", when Timmy becomes a rock sensation with The Lords of the Underworld, musician Phil Collins goes to extreme lengths to destroy his career under the false claims that he was trying to "protect" Timmy from being made fun of. He attempts to sway Richard and his wife Helen into stopping him from performing, but due to his disability, he finds him unresponsive to his attempts, as he is unable to say anything beyond his own name and flails around randomly. The family portrait shows the three of them sitting on their wheelchairs in front of the Eiffel Tower. Their House is green with their garage being in a separate structure adjacent to their house.


Richard has an abnormally large head, similar to his son Timmy and his wife Helen. He is confined to a wheelchair due to his disability. He has a small tuft of brown hair with the rest of his hair being either short or shaved, and he wears a red button-up coat, a white shirt, blue pants. and black shoes. His wheelchair is brown with a green cushion on the back, with black wheels and a gray footrest. His wheelchair has a joystick-type module that he most likely uses to move around, however there is no footage of him moving around. He often has his arms by his side, like his wife Helen, however, unlike his son Timmy, who is often seen fidgeting with his hands.


Little is known of his personality, as he is unable to say anything other than his name due to his disability. He seems to make a incomprehensable noise, similar to an "Argh" or an "Ugh" too, similar to the noise his son, Timmy makes.