Richard Burch is Timmy's dad. He appeared in "Timmy 2000".


Like his son, he can only say his own name, he has a large head, and he uses a wheelchair. He presumably suffers from the same syndrome that he has. In "Timmy 2000", when Timmy becomes a rock sensation with The Lords of the Underworld, musician Phil Collins goes to extreme lengths to destroy his career under the false claims that he's trying to "protect" Timmy from being made fun of. He attempts to sway Richard into stopping him from performing, but due to his own disability, he finds him unresponsive to his attempts, as he is unable to say anything beyond his own name and flails around randomly. The family portrait shows the three of them sitting on their wheelchairs in front of the Eiffel Tower. The picture allows us to presume they have some means of consistent income. Their house is green with a gas tank next to it.


Richard has an abnormally large head. He is confined to a wheelchair due to his disability. He has a small tuft of brown hair and wears a red, button-up coat, white shirt and blue pants.


Little is known of his personality, as he is unable to say anything other than his name due to his disability.


  • In "Die Hippie, Die", during Randy's flashback to Woodstock, a large-headed, disabled man in a wheelchair is seen in the background. This may have been a younger Richard Burch.


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