Mr. Richard Adler is the shop class teacher at the South Park Elementary. His most notable character trait is a recurring memory/dream of his loved one (who could have been either his wife or fiancé), which culminates in a vision of her death. Adler seems to always refer to things as "screwing around", whether it being not paying attention or having sex. During Tweek vs. Craig, he is plagued by memories of his wife's death, and plans to commit suicide. After writing his suicide note, he lies on a log cutter with a moving belt, but is interrupted by a fight between Tweek and Craig entering his classroom, killing Kenny in the process. Now it seems he has relaxed a bit and put his past behind him, due to a vision he saw of his wife in Kenny's hood, and decided to live happily. He now occasionally talks and appears in the background. He voted for Barack Obama in "About Last Night" and wore a grey sweater with Obama's face on in this episode as well. In "Elementary School Musical" he appeared as one of the commentators at the basketball game. Mr. Adler was based on an old shop teacher who taught co-creator Matt Stone. His name was referenced in DVD commentary, but was bleeped because the real teacher did not give permission to say what he is called.


He is slightly husky, and wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a green vest overtop. His vest has a diamond-shaped green and black pattern on it. He also wears beige trousers. His hair is brown, and he is balding at the top of his head. He also has a band-aid on his head for unknown reasons.



Non-Speaking Cameos

  • Mr. Adler appears as a background character in many episodes, mainly at the school.
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