Reggie Burke is a Student in South Park Elementary who appears in various episodes with other handicapped children.


Reggie made his first appearance in "Up the Down Steroid", where he is seen training for the special Olympics. His most notable appearance is in "Crippled Summer" at Lake Tardicaca, where he is seen on the Red Team with Nathan, Mimsy, Francis, Michael, Chad Handler, and Dennis Murray.

He also appears in the South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC, Bring the Crunch, where he can be found next to the South Cabin. The player can take a selfie with him.


Reggie has big curly, messy thick black hair, he also has thick eyebrows and a wide, crooked mouth. He was seen wearing a light blue short-sleeved shirt, dark green pants and black shoes in "Up the Down Steroid".

In "Crippled Summer" he was wearing a red short-sleeved shirt with the Tardicaca Camp logo on the right side. He was also seen wearing a dark blue summer coat, light green shorts and blue sandals.

In "Moss Piglets" he wore the same clothes as "Up the Down Steroid" under a white coat.


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