Red Lobster is a real restaurant featured in the Season Sixteen episode, "Obama Wins!" and Season Twenty-Two episode "Time To Get Cereal".


In "Obama Wins!", Eric Cartman meets with General Tso and United States President Barack Obama at Red Lobster, to discuss the future of Star Wars and Eric Cartman's compensation. Meanwhile, Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski barge and are almost immediately confused as to the significance of Star Wars involvement. Morgan Freeman soon appears to explain the current scenario.

In "Time To Get Cereal", a man and his family dine at Red Lobster whilst they debate the existence of ManBearPig. The father dismisses his wife's concern about the demon. Ironically, the creature bursts in through the window and destroys the interior whilst it mauls and tears apart patrons violently. He continues to be dismissive, however, asking philosophically what anyone can do about it whilst his wife is horrified and demands they do something. However, her husband is ultimately mauled to death.


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