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Rebecca Cotswolds is a home-schooled girl who first appeared in the Season Three episode, "Hooked on Monkey Fonics", where she took part in alongside her brother and won the 15th Annual South Park Spelling Bee.


Rebecca and her brother lived in a very sheltered, home-schooled life with their parents and with very little exposure to the outside world. They were both seen as intelligent but lacking in social skills, and until the spelling bee had not seen the outside town or interacted with other children their age. While Mark wanted to go to a public school after meeting the other children, Rebecca had no interest in the outside world and chose to stay at home. She was noticeably twitchy and anxious.

Kyle Broflovski developed a crush on Rebecca at the spelling bee and began to pursue her, though she was oblivious to his advances. Kyle had sung about her and she responded to this by throwing some change at him. The two had eventually talked and played with each other, and Rebecca was finally becoming curious about the outside world. After learning about love, and being kissed by Kyle, she agreed to go with him to the school dance.

However, after having been sheltered for so long, Rebecca instantly became over-enthusiastic and began dressing and acting in a promiscuous manner as a whore. At the dance, she was seen hitting on Butters, Tolkien, and Pip, much to her brother's and Kyle's horror.

Mark retaliated for Kyle turning his sister into a slut, and proceeded to beat him up. Impressed, the other boys began to fight on who gets to hang out with Mark. Their father attempted to intervene, but Mark convinced him that it would be better to face these social situations now, versus in the future. He then allows them both to go to public school.

Unlike her brother, who made occasional cameo appearances for the next several seasons, Rebecca has yet to reappear on the show sometime and has presumably returned to home-schooling.


Rebecca wears a lime green coat with a deep magenta collar and yellow trousers. Her hair is rather curly and is held back at each side by two round, red barrettes parting her bangs.

When she first appeared in the episode, her coat's collar briefly changed to a white one with two red ribbons dangling from it, due to an animation error. Her hair was depicted as being dark brown in those frames as well.

As a slut, she wore a green-and-black spotted bra top, an ankle-length, black-and-silver skirt, fishnet socks, and a pair of black stiletto pumps. Her hair was feathered and teased out to a large, wild style, and wears a large amount of makeup.

She has a slightly smaller model than a typical fourth grader, as seen when interacting with Kyle.


Though she is intelligent and studious as well, Rebecca is naive and sheltered from the ways of the world and rather introverted. Her awkward behavior and reclusive personality stem from her lack of social life.

She tends to stammer a lot, her voice almost constantly quiver and shake in a flat tone, and seems to shy away from eye contact. One of her major quirks is her tapping and clasping of her hands together, and when spelling, she opens them to whisper the letters of a word into them before she says them out loud. Typically when she is not speaking, she is biting her lower lip. She also tends to shake much like Tweek Tweak but not as severe.

She had no idea what love was, or even how to kiss, considering the idea and the outside world is "silly". The only concept of "love" she had was that of a "mate", and her provider would select one for her when it would come time to "increase the herd". After experiencing what a kiss was, she considered her newfound loose behavior as "having fun", unaware of what proper love was, having been denied knowledge of it for so long.

Rebecca was also oblivious to the double meaning of her "doctor" game, her parents fearing that she was getting sexual with Kyle. In reality, she was pretending to be a doctor and was using him as a brain surgery patient.


Kyle Broflovski[]

Though Kyle had a crush on Rebecca not long after meeting her, she remained clueless about his interaction. He attempted to serenade her with a song, but she did not understand its purpose, and when he first tried to talk to her, she took him up to her bedroom enthusiastically and played a realistic game of 'doctor' with him. When he tried to ask her out to the dance directly, she insisted obliviously that her father would drive her there. After a heart-to-heart about love, she seemed confused but agreed to try doing a 'kiss' with him, with that she enjoyed enough to try kissing other boys later. It is unclear if she reciprocated any feelings for him, but she kissed him again when all the chaos was over at the dance.


  • Rebecca is loosely based on Rebecca A. Sealfon, a girl who had won a spelling championship two years before the episode. Rebecca retains her namesake's quirk of whispering the letters of a word into her hands.
  • The role of Rebecca Cotswolds and her mother were both the last new characters voiced by Mary Kay Bergman, who committed suicide shortly after the episode's airdate.
  • Rebecca and Kyle's interactions are a reference to the Star Trek episode "The Gamesters of Triskelion", with Kyle assuming the role of Captain Kirk and Rebecca assuming the role of Shahna.
  • The final word that Rebecca is asked to spell is "littoral", which she spells incorrectly as "L-I-T-O-R-A-L", but she and her brother Mark still win the spelling bee as her answer is labeled as correct by the mayor.
  • She has the Slovenian flag on her bedroom door, which may assume she is of Slovenian descent.


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