Mr. Reality (also known as Reality) is a character that appeared in the Season Nineteen episode "Safe Space". He is a physical embodiment of the harsh truths that those making Safe Spaces wish to ignore.


Reality has a cruel personality. He desires to tear down people's safe spaces and expose them to the negativity of the world that they seek to ignore. He supposedly attempts to "kill" Butters. At first, Butters is only hallucinating and seeing him, though then "Reality" becomes a real character and crashes the #ShamelessAmerica party, before insulting the party-goers, though he makes some very good points and alerts everyone to Butters' injured state.

The town then publicly executes Reality in a public hanging, with Butters acting as his executioner, allowing the town to continue living in a delusional and shame-free state.


Reality is a tall, slim man with a large chin. He has black hair and a messy black mustache. He wears a black suit, a top hat, a black cape, and an eye mask.


Reality has the ability to exist in both mind and reality, he also appears to be omniscient and eloquent.


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