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Alter Egos

This is a list of all of Randy Marsh's alter egos and other costumes.

Main Alter Egos

Casual attire

Randy transparent cockmagic.png

Casual attire was Randy's previous main design, it had first appeared in "Volcano".

Randy has been most often seen in his casual attire design, with this largely being his main appearance up until season 22. It has been seen to be used as both a casual, and work costume with him having his iconic black hair and mustache, as well as him wearing his grey jeans and blue shirt.

However, the design itself later became more detailed as the show progressed with the Season One version of this design would later be replaced by a redesign in Season Two with the clearest differences being that of him getting a lighter shirt, with him also having a hair redesign and the black being less intense. Furthermore, he would also have a white t-shirt underneath his shirt in later seasons. The pen in the breast pocket and the notepad layout also changes throughout later seasons, which were not with his Season Two design.

Hemp farmer


Hemp farmer is Randy's Tegridy Farms alter ego, first appearing in "Tegridy Farms".

Hemp Farmer Randy is the concurrent main alter-ego of Randy's with it replacing the previous casual attire. The attire itself is specifically based around a farmer, with him wearing even more casual attire, with a shirt and battered pants (which have a belt around) with him wearing a jacket over the shirt and a straw hat on with it being meant to resemble a stereotypical farmer design with Randy becoming a weed farmer.

The alter ego appears throughout Season Twenty-Two up to the present seasons, even though there are variations of this design it still remains largely the same with there being the same overall character focus of Randy.



Lorde is an alter ego that had first appeared in "Gluten Free Ebola" which had been a main story arc throughout Season Eighteen.

Randy had first decided to be able to dress up as a woman in order to use the woman's toilet due to it being clean and having enough stalls as there was someone at work who had been continuously using the toilet. However, upon discovering that he had a good singing voice he had decided to. To cover up the fact that he is Lorde, he tells Stan that someone at his work knows Lorde.

Randy can be seen to visibly wear a woman's attire, with him having a brunette wig situated over his hair. Although this may not cover up all of his hair, it has managed to fool the majority of South Park. Despite this, however, there are still some people that recognize that Lorde is in fact a man in a dress, with at one point the women at the musical office had felt uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with Lorde. Which, he had not shaved his legs and did have visible leg hair with the record label however knowing that Randy had been Lorde.

In "The Cissy", Sharon Marsh did however become suspicious of Randy after discovering that he did have fishnets under his jeans at work. He had later used the excuse that he had liked the fishnets under his jeans. Which, Randy did later tell Stan Marsh that he was Lorde after Stan had come to him regarding the gender issue at school, with Wendy Testaburger also deciding to be transgender to get back at Cartman.

Which, he has also The music itself is imported from his phone, with auto-tunes used to make him sound more feminine. This, however, did not exist with Lorde's first appearance where auto-tune was not used when Lorde had performed at Scott Malkinson's birthday party.

Alter Egos From Season Six

Porno Night Randy

Cod Piece Randy.png

Porno Night Randy is an alter ego that appears in "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers".

While Stan, Kyle, and Cartman go on a quest onto giving a copy of The Lord of the Rings tape (that was actually a porno tape), Sharon and Randy get into "business" when they make a porno night at their bedroom. As they were about to start, they notice that there was a storytelling narration of the tape, that was when they realized they had been watching Lord of the Rings instead.

Alter Egos From Season Seven

Latin Randy


Latin Randy is an alter ego that appears in "South Park is Gay!".

After the end of the metrosexual fad in South Park, a new fad takes place, this being the Latin flag which Randy ends up falling for with this mostly being about him being drunk and tired.

Alter Egos From Season Nine

Hippie Randy


Hippie Randy is a flashback to when Randy was back in college in "Die Hippie, Die".

When Stan, Kyle, and Kenny go to a music festival, there is a flashback to Woodstock where Randy claims that he and Sharon had done something there for change, even though he had just thrown up due to having too much acid.

Fighter Randy


Fighter Randy is an alter ego that appears in "The Losing Edge".

Randy gets drunk as he continues to go to baseball games which Stan and his 4th-grade friends are participating in. Despite them not wanting to win the game, Randy then continues to get drunk and fight the parents of the opposing team as they continue to play. This results in him fighting Bat Dad, which sees the South Park Cows getting disqualified.

Alcoholism Randy

Alcoholic Wheelchair Randy.png

Alcoholism Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Bloody Mary"

Randy ends up becoming depressed which sees him begin to wallow in his alcoholic state as he believes that he cannot be saved from it.

Alter Egos From Season Ten

Long haired Randy


Long haired Randy is a flashback appearing in "Stanley's Cup".

Randy was having a nightmare/flashback back to when Stan was competing in an ice hockey tournament, Randy was there cheering them on. During this, he had younger hair when he was younger.

Alter Egos From Season Eleven

Guitar Hero Randy


Guitar Hero Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Guitar Queer-O".

Randy tries to teach the boys how to play music on a real guitar and after it gets called gay he goes downstairs at night in his underwear to try to play Guitar Hero but ultimately ends up losing.

Alter Egos From Season Thirteen

Princess Leia Randy


Princess Leia Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Pinewood Derby".

Randy had made use of a Princess Leia disguise to steal a superconductive magnet for Stan's pinewood derby car, with the media believing that Randy was actually Princess Leia. This appearance is based on Star Wars: A New Hope.

Alter Egos From Season Fourteen

Testicular Cancer Randy


Testicular Cancer Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Medicinal Fried Chicken".

Upon discovering that the KFC restaurant in South Park had been shut down, and instead replaced by a weed store for medicinal purposes, Randy attempts to get testicular cancer so that he is able to get weed for such "purposes" using various methods such as sunbathing in ultraviolet light and putting his testicles in the microwave. He eventually succeeds when he wakes up one night to find that his testicles had enlarged to huge proportions. Afterward, he then uses his enlarged testicles as a mode of travel to move around South Park.

After having them removed, he then has them made into a coat for Sharon Marsh.

Butterfly Randy


Butterfly Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Insheeption".

Randy is in the form of a butterfly during a counseling session with Mr. Mackey with Randy coming to help bring them back to reality until he begins to enjoy being a butterfly too much.

Alter Egos From Season Fifteen

Steamy Ray Vaughan


Steamy Ray Vaughan is an alter ego that appears in "You're Getting Old".

During the breakdown of Randy's relationship with Sharon Marsh, he had gone off to play Tween Wave music which he had found out about due to Stan getting a CD at the latter's tenth birthday.

Alter Egos From Season Sixteen

South Park Cows coach


South Park Cows Coach is an alter-ego that appears in "Sarcastaball".

Randy is in charge of the South Park Cows sarcastaball team.

Bronco's coach


Bronco's coach is an alter-ego that appears in "Sarcastaball".

Upon the national success of Sarcastaball, Randy is then made in charge of the Denver Bronco's sarcastaball team. Randy then later becomes extremely sarcastic throughout the episode.

Bane Randy


Bane Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Insecurity".

The men believe that there is a mailman going around seducing all of their wives, so they begin to work together to be able to take them back. This also results in Cartman supporting a new ban movement.

Blockbuster Randy


Blockbuster Randy is an alter ego that appears in "A Nightmare on Face Time".

After buying a Blockbuster store during Halloween, despite being no longer relevant due to video streaming. Randy begins to gradually go insane which ultimately results in him trying to kill his family as no one was visiting Blockbuster.

Alter Egos From Season Seventeen

Mall cop Randy


Mall cop Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Black Friday".

During Black Friday, Randy has chosen to work at the mall which is having a sale. He states his reasoning behind this was to be able to get money, even though his main objective was to bypass the lines and the entrance madness so that he can rush to get the deals before the bloodshed takes place. However, this backfires with him ultimately being forced to take over the mall's watch with this loosely being inspired by the "The Night's Watch" from Game of Thrones.

Alter Egos From Season Eighteen

The Amazing Randy


The Amazing Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Cock Magic".

The boys begin to get into playing Magic: The Gathering with chickens. Randy stumbles across this, and he later begins to pursue his old hobby of cock magic. This ultimately then develops into him performing at the end of a fight where the police raid it. He then distracts the police so that the people can escape.

The Amazing Randy also then later appears in South Park: Phone Destroyer as a playable card and boss battle.

The card itself is of epic rarity and is his fantasy card, with the class being fighters. The special ability allows Randy to be able to summon two magic cocks from thin air.

Alter Egos From Season Twenty-One

White People Renovating Houses Randy


White People Renovating Houses Randy is an alter ego that appears in "White People Renovating Houses".

Randy and Sharon create a television series about renovating houses, with Randy being one of the main construction leads.

"I Crap on New York" Randy


"I Crap on New York" Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Holiday Special".

Randy chooses to defecate on a Christopher Columbus statue in New York due to him being linked with the racial extermination of the Native Americans. The T-Shirt is of him defecating on New York linked with this.

Columbus Randy


Columbus Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Holiday Special".

It is shown that Randy has been a very large fan of Christopher Columbus with him dressing up for him countless amount of times. The most notable of these is that of his Columbus-themed wedding.

Heist Randy


Heist Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Holiday Special".

Randy tries to infiltrate the DNA And Me facility, in order to alter the results and get a specific one after it had been mentioned that his test was highly peculiar.

Witch Randy


Witch Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Sons A Witches".

Randy, Gerald Broflovski, and his other friends all dress up as witches during the episode, where they are going to then get drunk and smoke crack cocaine to celebrate.

Puke Face


Puke Face Randy is an alter-ego that appears in "Splatty Tomato".

When the affair of PC Principal and Strong Woman had been discovered in the woods as Randy and others had believed that it had been President Garrison hiding in the tent. After discovering that it was two co-workers were getting together the other adults threw up with this getting on Randy's face. It, however, did not get on his nightgown.

Alter Egos From Season Twenty-Two

Church Randy


Church Randy is Randy's church attire that appears in "A Boy And A Priest".

Randy can be seen wearing this attire when he is specifically at the church or going to the church.

Hemp Hat Randy


Hemp Hat Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Tegridy Farms".

Randy ends up being approached by a Tobacco company which results in him deciding to then fight against them. Hemp Hat Randy is an alternate version of the Tegridy Farms design where he wears a hat over his head.

Tegridy Farms delivery Randy

Randy Tegridy Farms Delivery.png

Tegridy Farms delivery Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Bike Parade".

Due to the strike at the Amazon fulfillment center, Randy notes that he has an opportunity to be able to make money out of deliveries and that people would be willing to smoke weed due to them not being at work. Consequently, he quickly rushes with Towelie to be able to deliver weed. He is wearing a hard hat with the Tegridy Farms design as his base. There is a sign attached to his hard hat states that it is for delivery.

Alter Egos From Season Twenty-Three

Towel Randy


Towel Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Mexican Joker"

After Randy had become more focused on selling out to corporations and him complaining about people growing their own weed, this results in Towelie accusing him of being a towel. After Towelie leaves, Randy begins to grow more insane where when he begins to go round South Park and gradually becomes more insane with him ultimately hallucinating himself being a towel.

Prisoner in China Randy

Prisoner In China Randy.png

Prisoner in China Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Band in China".

Randy attempts to sell his Tegridy weed to China, but gets arrested, and was put in chains in a Chinese prison, wearing prisoner clothing over his Tegridy design.

Jamaican Randy

Jamaican Randy.png

Jamaican Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Shots".

Randy is seen dancing in front of a Chinese flag after celebrating their Chinese customers in a celebratory montage due to it being the 300th episode.

Tegridy Burger Randy

Tegridy Burger Randy.png

Tegridy Burger Randy is an alter-ego that appears in "Let Them Eat Goo".

Randy discovers the potential for plant-based food after visiting Burger King, and noticing that the Impossible Burger sells. He then goes off to create the offshoot "Tegridy Burger" brand, with the T-Shirt being specifically of that. The shirt itself is based around how the impossible burger to Randy, tasted like shit.

Jinping Mask Randy


Jinping Mask Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special".

During the introduction for the episode, Randy is seen dancing with a Xi Jinping mask on who is the dictator of China.

Museum Tourist Randy

Science Museum Tourist Randy.png

Museum Tourist Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special".

Due to Shelly Marsh's "weed problem", Randy decides to take her to a museum regarding weed in order to show her the benefits of it. He promised that it was meant to be a bonding moment, which it was not. He had also chosen to wear a costume that was completely different from his Tegridy Farms design.

Prisoner Randy


Prisoner Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Season Finale".

After Randy had been caught blowing up other Weed farmers, plants in "Mexican Joker", where he had blamed the explosions on the "Mexican Joker". He had then been forced into an orange prisoner uniform, which had his family happy when he got arrested.

Tegridy Christmas


Tegridy Christmas is an alter ego that appears in "Holiday Special".

Randy had not been producing weed due to it being in the Christmas season over at Tegridy Farms, with his attire being more suited for winter. He later goes on to produce a holiday special. The main notable difference from his normal Tegridy appearance is that of how he has a beard, with a redshirt over his other shirts.

Bearded Randy in a suit


Bearded Randy in a suit is an alter-ego that appears in "Christmas Snow".

It is used when Randy is petitioning the government to legalize cocaine.

Bearded Randy wearing Towelie


Bearded Randy wearing Towelie is an alter ego that appears in "Christmas Snow".

After Santa Claus had confiscated the weed, Randy and Towelie go after it. Which, Santa then later crashes where Randy convinces Santa and Jesus to be able to give out the weed, which Jesus then distributes in the form of snow over South Park.

Bearded Jamaican Randy


Bearded Jamaican Randy is an alter ego that appears in "Christmas Snow".

Randy is protesting the government to be able to legalize cocaine. This Jamaican design is essentially the same as the one previously seen in "Shots" but with the added sign and beard.

Alter Egos From Season Twenty-Four

Randy with mask

Randy Marsh mask.png

Randy with a Mask is an alter ego that appears in "The Pandemic Special".

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Randy ended up having to wear a face mask over his Tegridy attire.

Tegridy Sports Randy

Tegridy Sport Hoodie Randy.png

Tegridy Sports Randy is an alter ego that appears in "The Pandemic Special".

Randy ends up choosing to break into Jimbo Kern's hospital room whilst he is in hospital with COVID-19, where he then makes his own COVID vaccine via mixing his semen with weed as he believed that he had been the cause of COVID-19.

Alter Egos From Video Games

Warrior Randy


Warrior Randy is an alter ego that appears in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

The character design is largely inspired by being a warrior, which even though he does not have any armor he still has a sword and shield. He has shorts which are the same color of his normal jeans, with him also wearing boots and a cape.

Red Wine Drunk Randy


Red Wine Drunk Randy is a boss fight from South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

During the game, Randy gets drunk on Red Wine. This ultimately develops into a boss fight.

Pocahontas Randy

Pocahontas Randy.png

Pocahontas Randy is a playable card and boss fight appearing in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

This is Randy's adventure variant, with the card itself being of an epic rarity with it being a fighter type.

The card itself is largely based around Pocahontas and his special ability allows him to call all Indian Kids into battle.

Sixth Element Randy

Sixth Element Randy-0.png

Sixth Element Randy is a playable card and boss in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

This is Randy's sci-fi variant, with the card itself being of a legendary rarity with it being a fighter type.

The design is largely based on Leeloo from the movie The Fifth Element. The special ability allows for him to do a charged attack to puke and summon a robot vacuum.

Sexy Nun Randy

Sexy Nun Randy.png

Sexy Nun Randy is a playable card and boss fight in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

This is Randy's mystical variant, with the card itself being of an epic rarity with it being of a fighter type.

The card is based on the design of a nun. The special ability allows for a choir to be brought into battle.

The Amazingly Randy


The Amazingly Randy is a playable fantasy card and a boss fight in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

This card is an epic ranged card which has the ability to summon chickens to battle.

This card is based off of Randy's persona from the episode Cock Magic.

Mary Jane Randy

Mary Jane Randy is a playable superhero card from the game South Park: Phone Destroyer.

This card is an epic fighter card which can summon marijuana plants that attract his enemies.

Future Randy

Future Randy Wheelchair.png

Future Randy is a playable legendary card from the game South Park: Phone Destroyer.

Based off of Randy's appearance in South Park: Post Covid and South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, this card has the ability to turn back time on his enemies and allies, pushing them back toward their leaders for four seconds.