Raisins is a restaurant in the animated TV show South Park. It first appeared in the episode Raisins. It is the South Park version of Hooters.



The restaurant is an oblong shape with a sloped grey roof. It has an illuminated sign on the roof which says 'Raisins'. There are also tables outside - as well as a lot of posters - and the whole thing is surrounded by a wooden fence.


Inside, Raisins has a wooden paneled wall which has various posters on it as well.

The Raisins Girls


The Raisins girls are all preteens who work at Raisins. Most of them are named after car makers, such as Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari and Lexus. They wear orange shorts and a T-shirt with the word 'Raisins' on it (the dots on the i's are flower heads and the letters are spaced so the dots fall where their nipples are). In "Quest for Ratings" the Raisins girls have got even shorter shorts and as Stan says "If I were a little older, no doubt I would be aroused."


Main Article: Mercedes

She has shoulder length blonde hair and is the head waitress. She greets customers and shows new employees the ropes. She also featured in the episode "You Got F'd in the A" as a member of the South Park dance troupe. She also knows that Butters was the state tap dancing champion.


Main Article: Lexus

Lexus is the girl that pretends to take a liking to Butters (Like all the Raisins girls do to their costumers) because he's an easy target for tips and business. She has waist length dark red hair. Butters is in love with her. However, she doesn't feel anything towards him.


Main Article: Porsche

Porsche is the girl that Kyle tries to hook Stan up with but her constant chatter reminded Stan of Wendy. She has black shoulder length hair similar to Esther's but more wavy.


Main Article: Ferrari

Ferrari is the new employee that gets shown the ropes to by Mercedes. She has straight black shoulder length hair.


Morrie is the bouncer and has speaking roles in both "Raisins" and "You Got F'd in the A". He escorted Lexus to her bike when Butters kept talking to her and tells Stan and his dance crew that they have to buy wings to speak to the Raisins girls.

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  • The Raisins girls are all named after luxury cars.
  • Raisins is a parody of Hooters. 'Raisins' is slang for nipples whilst 'Hooters' is slang for breasts.

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