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  • Stan and Wendy eventually got back together in the season 11 finale.
  • This episode marks the debut of both the Raisins girls and the Goth Kids.
  • Cartman appears not to know how to play football, even though he played it and knew perfectly well how to play it in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride."
  • Stan and Wendy appear to still have feelings for each other in the season 9 episode "Follow That Egg!."
  • While the girls are performing the YMCA, Loogie can be seen sitting at the table with sauce around his mouth.
  • All of the girl waiters have names of automobile companies (Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche).
  • When Stan leaves the goth kids he uses Cartman's old catchphrase, "Screw you guys, I'm going home!". He has used this phrase before in the New Year's special.
  • This is the first time Butters mistakes a girl's attention as signs for a deep romantic relationship. After Lexus, Butters has similar naive experiences with Paris Hilton, in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" and again with his "prostitutes" during his time as a pimp in "Butters' Bottom Bitch".
  • When Stan returned to the football team at the end of the episode, we can see that the boys replaced Stan with Terrance Mephesto.
  • Raisins Bouncer Morrie acts like a body guard to the waitresses similar to a strip club to stop over zealous customers.

References to Popular Culture

  • When Stan joins the Goth Kids, he wears a T-shirt with Edgar Allen Poe's face on it with the word "nevermore" above. His goth name is also Raven, a reference to one of Poe's poems.
  • When Stan is looking over the bridge and into the water, it is a reference to Charlie Brown.
  • The seen in which Stan holds the boom box playing "Shock the Monkey" is a reference to the 1989 film Say Anything... In the actual film, the song used was "In Your Eyes", another Peter Gabriel song.
  • The restaurant Raisins is modeled after a real sports pub franchise in the USA called Hooters.

Raisins Soundtrack


  • Outside gym class, Kenny can be seen hood up and gloves on, but his parka's sleeves are missing.
  • When Butters gets dumped, Jason can be seen talking in the background. However he is at a table on his own, so he would have been talking to nobody.
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