The Quintuplets are a Romanian set of contorting sisters. The performed at the Cirque Du Cheville in the episode, "Quintuplets 2000". Only four of them are named in the episode: Glacas, Nadia, Natalia, and Baltania. The name of the fifth sister is never given.

They have an absent father, and are orphaned before the episode's events. Their grandmother is killed during the episode as well. They lived briefly in the Marsh household.

They all come to dislike America due to the events of "Quintuplets 2000" until the boys take them on sightseeing tour of the town.


Being identical quintuplets, they all look exactly the same. They wear the same clothes as well, a light blue shirt with a large, white trim, and a blue skirt. They have what appears to be a white bow in their, abnormally wide, black hair.


They are friendly, but become hateful towards the town of South Park (and America as a whole), and their citizens after the events of "Quintuplets 2000".


The Boys

In "Quintuplets 2000", the boys attempted to befriend them so they could use them in their own "circus". They tried to show the Quintuplets about what's great about America, so they would stay. It is very likely that they broke off their friendship with the boys, stating that the boys were "the worst of them all".



They despise their father, who neglected them when they were younger. Also, he walked out on them five years earlier.


After their mother died, their grandmother became their caregiver, it is presumed they had a close relationship before she died.


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