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The Queen Spider is the head of the Vatican and Catholicism, as revealed in the Season Six episode, "Red Hot Catholic Love".


While at a Vatican meeting Priest Maxi recommends they change a law of the church to allow priests to marry, in order to prevent priests from molesting children. The Queen Spider says that the law cannot be changed, leading Maxi to rip the scrolls containing the laws in half. The news coverage also exposes the Queen Spider to the world, but nobody is startled by her appearance.

She returns in "Imaginationland, Episode II" where she is seen coming from the evil side.


The cloaked rider seen on her back.

The Queen Spider is large in size, having a large abdomen, and dwarfs all members in the Vatican. Her eyes are modeled after the wolf spider, and she does not possess pedipalps.

In the Imaginationland trilogy, she can be seen with a rider on her back in most scenes she appears in. The rider wears a light brown cloak, has long, thin arms with gray hands, and also has a gray face with a pointed nose, a darker gray mask, and red eyes.


Despite her frightening appearance, the Queen Spider is not dangerous unless threatened with the altering of a law of the Catholic church.




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