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"Queef Free" was performed by the male population of South Park, to try and make amends in the episode, "Eat, Pray, Queef". This was a parody of the charity song, called "We Are the World", written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie for Ethiopian refugees in Africa.


There's a time in our lives, when we must listen to the oppressed.

Randy, Stan:
And realize we've been keeping women down.

Mr. Mackey:
They have power and they have courage

Steven, Butters:
And we must all stand by the belief

Gerald, Kyle:
That a woman is strong, and she has the right to queef.

The Males:
Fly free. Free to queef aloud; fly free. Let every queef show that you’re proud.

You face so many challenges to put an end to your grief.

The Males:
You are woman now, and you are free to queef.

It's time for equality. We must give them the respect they deserve.

Mr. Garrison:
They're just the same as you and me. Their rights must be preserrrr-r-r-rrrved.

The Males (Randy):
Queef free (Queef free)
Every woman has the right
Queef free (Queef free)
Let your queefing stars shine bright
You are woman, hear you roar (queef free)
Queefing too loud to ignore
Queef a little each day and let your soul take flight!
Queef free.


Randy Marsh, Stan Marsh, Mr. Mackey, Butters Stotch, Stephen Stotch, Gerald Broflovski, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Herbert Garrison all have individual lines. Also seen in the studio are Craig Tucker, Jimmy Valmer, Clyde Donovan, Richard Tweak, Kenny McCormick, Timmy Burch, Stuart McCormick, Jimbo Kern, Ike Broflovski and Thomas Tucker. There are also rare cameos of Mr. Donovan, Ryan Valmer, Mr. Testaburger, and Steve Black.

Of note, Dr. Alphonse Mephesto makes his first appearance since "Cartman Joins NAMBLA", Priest Maxi makes his second appearance since "Cartman Sucks" (The other being a speaking cameo in "The Ring"), Dr. Doctor makes his first cameo since "Tonsil Trouble", Mr. Slave his second cameo since his retirement in "Follow That Egg!" (the other being in "The Ring"), and Mr. Guermo his second appearance (having previously appeared in "Elementary School Musical") Officer Barbrady, who has only been seen in six appearances since Season Seven, also is visible, as well as Jimmy Buffett and Ron Zappolo.

According to the SouthParkStudios FAQ, Kevin Mephesto was also present, although not seen because he was too short.


  • Herbert Garrison's line "They're just the same as you and me" is especially true for him as he was a woman from Seasons 9 to 12.

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