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"Put That Heart to Work" is a song written by Randy Marsh in the Season Fifteen episode, "Broadway Bro Down".


Randy Marsh becomes obsessed with Broadway musicals, for the blowjobs, and decides to write and direct his own production so he can keep on receiving. He first called his play "Splooge-Drenched Blowjob Queen" but is told by the Broadway Bros to make his subtext less obvious to women.

After a bro-down with Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber suggests renaming the play The Woman in White, when he is accepted into their Broadway Bros group.


Lady 1:
O what a glorious Sunday. I know what I'd like to do with my time.
Would you like a blowjob?

Man 3:
Yes I would like a blowjob.

Nothing beats a blowjob on football Sunday.

Lady 1:
Excuse me, I'm the queen of blowjobs.

Man 4:
Really? I would love a blowjob.

A woman should give blowjobs on football Sunday

Lady 1:
I want to be covered in semen on a bed in the Hotel Jerome
A woman is prettiest covered in semen.

Give you husband a blowjob when you get home.

Man 4:
And what about you, my fair lady? Could I trouble you for a quick Lewinsky?

Lady 2:
Oh I don't know, kind sir. Blowjobs seem a little degrading to me.

Come now, a blowjob isn't with your mouth, it's with your heart.
Now get on your knees and put that heart to work!

Blowjobs, give up your blowjobs.

You're guilty at blowjobs, you love giving blowjobs

...Blowjobs, ...blowjobs, ...blowjobs, ...blowjobs.

So what could be better on a football Sunday? What could be better on a football Sunday?

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