Purity Rings are pieces of jewelry worn by individuals in relationships, with the ring encouraging them to practice celibacy until the act of marriage has passed. Purity rings appeared prominently in the Season Thirteen episode, "The Ring".


At a Jonas Brothers concert, Kenny McCormick and Tammy Warner are given purity rings by the Jonas Brothers. Kenny is aghast at the rings, as he wants to engage in sexual activity with Tammy, without having to marry her. The couple then begin to spend time with other purity ring-wearing couples, who tend to enjoy watching Grey's Anatomy.

Unbeknownst to purity ring-wearers, the Jonas Brothers are being coerced by Disney to market the rings to maintain the company's image. Unfortunately for them, Mickey Mouse forces the Jonas Brothers to keep wearing and pushing the rings on a live interview.

The Boys take action, and confront the Jonas Brothers, citing them to be the cause of Kenny becoming boring and inconsistent. Mickey attempts to subvert their attempt at ruining his plans, but is later thwarted when he blurts out his plan for the rings at a live venue.

After Mickey's mishap, the rings were quickly abandoned and the entire marketing scheme by Disney was labeled a bust. Kenny and Tammy discard their rings, and go to T.G.I Fridays, where Kenny contracts syphilis.


Purity Rings are plain, gray metal rings and have not distinguishing characteristics.


  • The Purity Rings are a reference to the "Silver Ring Thing".


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