The Psychiatrist first appeared in "T.M.I.", where he gave Eric Cartman anger therapy.


When Cartman makes a chart of the boys' penis sizes after believing the school faculty had put a false chart up, he is sent to anger therapy with the psychiatrist. To test him, the psychiatrist insults him, making fun of his weight. Cartman acts calmly, and starts playing on his phone. The psychiatrist diagnoses him to be a calm person. He then gets a call from his wife, who had got a call from someone called "Mitch Conner", who told her about an affair. She then commits suicide over the phone. The psychiatrist, horrified, looks at Cartman, who simply says "I'm not fat, I'm big boned".

The psychiatrist later hosts an anger management class for Cartman, Michael, Tuong and several others. He realizes that they are all angry because they have small penises. Randy later joins and incites a riot, leading the class to take over a FedEx Office. The psychiatrist meets up with the Surgeon General, who is in charge of the penis size measurement system (known as T.M.I.). He tells her that there is a correlation between penis size and anger, and gets her to change the T.M.I. scale so the majority of people have a good penis size.

He later reappears in "Dead Kids", when Sharon goes to see him about the school shootings and her worries about it. He tries to diagnose her with the help of Randy, who tries to communicate that she is going through menopause, but he struggles to work out what he means. Sharon spots Randy and runs outside to yell at him.


The Psychiatrist has grey hair and a short grey mustache. He wears squared glasses, a green sweater, a white shirt and grey trousers.


The Psychiatrist is often calm, even when patients are being angry. He fears Cartman due to what he did to his wife. He doesn't seem to be a great psychiatrist, getting help from Randy when dealing with Sharon's issues.


  • "T.M.I." - Debut. Meets Cartman and later holds an anger therapy group session.
  • "Dead Kids" - Diagnoses Sharon.
  • "Buddha Box" - Diagnoses Cartman with anxiety.


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