The Prostitution Costumer is an unnamed recurring citizen of South Park. He's voiced by Matt Stone.


He was first seen in "Butters' Bottom Bitch", where he drives his rusty old model yellow car to the Red Light District opting to have sex with prostitutes, he accept to have oral sex with Harrison Yates (dressed as "Yolanda") for 20$, who frames and arrest him as the first culprit caught in his anti-prostitution operation; Yates said that he'd bring him for booking in the Park County Police Force.

He's seen in a cameo amongst the zombie-like shoppers in "A Song of Ass and Fire" who are shocked to learn that Black Friday was delayed in a week by the advisory of George R. R. Martin.

He can be seen in "Tweek x Craig", walking in town next to the Yaoi arts' market in the pouring rain with an umbrella.

He is seen as one of the men in the Strip Club in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

He is seen again in "Christmas Snow" drinking beer and rooting for Mr. Mackey for his song in the town's Christmas' festival, and then listening to Santa Claus's anti drink-and-drive speech.


He has combed light brown hair and is slightly overweight. He wears a dark green jacket under a blue shirt. He also wears a black belt, brown pants and black shoes.

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