Principal Victoria was the principal of South Park Elementary. She was usually seen with the counselor, Mr. Mackey, and, since Season Fifteen, Mr. Adler, the shop teacher. She was previously voiced by Mary Kay Bergman, and then by Eliza Schneider and now, April Stewart.


Victoria was quite capable of running the school, despite the stupidity and ineptitude of the rest of the school faculty; in "Go God Go," she informs Mrs. Garrison, that she knows too little about evolution to teach it and replaces her with Richard Dawkins. In early appearances she had a heavy accent that sounded rather similar to being from Wisconsin or Sarah Palin, though it seems to have diminished over the years and with the changing of voice actors.

In "Breast Cancer Show Ever," she is revealed to be a strong feminine rights activist as she reveals to Wendy that she is a 7-year Breast Cancer survivor and encourages Wendy to fight for what she believes in.

In this same episode, she shows contempt for Cartman and compares him directly to Cancer, referring to him in metaphorically as "pure evil", and "a fat little lump that needs to be destroyed". As she was the one who convinced Wendy to fight Cartman regardless of the rules, It is extremely unlikely that she punished Wendy for fighting Cartman, and if she did, she would have punished Cartman as well for provoking Wendy.

It is hinted in "Toilet Paper" by Josh that she had an abusive mother who, "Spanked her thighs with cold cuts and stuck umbrellas up her ass." This has not been confirmed but because he was able to correctly predict Officer Barbrady's own abuse, this is plausible.

She is also shown to be somewhat of a racist, because in "Pinkeye" she made Cartman a "ghost" costume, which was really a KKK hood.

In "Stunning and Brave" it was announced that she was fired from South Park Elementary due to an incident where a student referred to rape as a "Hot Cosby" and got replaced with PC Principal.

In "Sponsored Content" she revealed she was replaced and the "Hot Cosby" was made up to get her fired.

In "PC Principal Final Justice", It was revealed that she got fired because of Mr. Mackey.

Criminal Record

  • Murder: In the episode "Sexual Harassment Panda", she confessed to having killed a man, despite the fact that the trial in which she made this proclamation had nothing to do with whatever she may be guilty of. However, she explained, "I hit him over the head and cut up the body. I tried to burn it, but it wouldn't burn! I put the legs in the garbage bags and put the torso under the bridge. I had to do it!!" whereupon she then burst into tears.
  • Attempted Murder: She and Mr. Mackey along with Mr. Adler attempted to murder Eric Cartman to cover up their crime of poisoning the students with tainted pizza in "Bass to Mouth".
  • Kidnapping: She, Caitlyn Jenner, and Mr Garrison kidnap Randy and interrogate him about what has happened to the town since they left.


Victoria, unlike the other residents of South Park, is very intelligent, competent and rational. In fact, she is one of the few people in the entire show to be recognized as such. She is often objective to immoral or witless ideas that she is certain will end in catastrophe, and will only resort to these actions if she feels there is no other choice. She is also shown to be very motivational, such as in "Breast Cancer Show Ever".

Despite this, Victoria has, on occasion, shown to have a dark side and be somewhat satirical to many of the characters she encounters. She was seen to have been involved in some assaults and committed second degree murder.


She wears a pink shirt and black trousers. She has large eye-glasses and curly hair in an perm style. In addition, she speaks with a thick Minnesotan accent, though as of the later seasons it has diminished.

For special occasions, as seen in the awards ceremony scene in "The Death Camp of Tolerance", she wears an unusual outfit consisting of a lavender v-neck blouse with a white lace trim around the collar, a long flared black skirt which reaches her shoes and a pastel pink cummerbund.

In "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub" she is said to have a "nice ass" and it is referenced many times by the male characters, even Herbert Garrison.


  • Principal Victoria: "I see. I've noticed all the things you've done for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know I'm a breast cancer survivor?"
    Wendy: "Ma'am?"
    Principal Victoria: "I was diagnosed seven years ago. Cancer is... pure evil. It is a fat little lump that needs to be... destroyed. When there is a cancer, you have to "fight" it. You can't reason with cancer, you can't wish it away. Cancer doesn't play by the rules, so neither can you."
    Wendy: "My... parents said that if I fight-"
    Principal Victoria: "And you can't listen to what anybody else tells you. You have to be willing to give up everything, because the cancer will take everything. Do you understand?"
    Wendy: "Yes, ma'am!"
    Principal Victoria: "When you have cancer, you fight, because it doesn't matter if you beat it or not. You refuse to let that fat little lump make you feel powerless!" from "Breast Cancer Show Ever"


Although she has never been a particularly major character, Principal Victoria has had a speaking appearance in every season so far.

Video Games

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Principal Victoria appears in the game as a minor character, remaining at the Community Center during the entire game.


  • Her name is a pun of actress Victoria Principal. Victoria Principal on Wikipedia.
  • As of Season Seventeen, Principal Victoria has had a speaking role in 51 episodes.
  • As revealed in "The Death of Eric Cartman", it seems that Cartman has crapped in her purse seven times.
  • She was the only adult from the school to not have a episode focus on her.
  • In "Sponsored Content", Principal Victoria is seen with a cane. This implies that she received some sort of damage to her knee, most likely from the unknown enemy of Season 19.
  • So far, she's one of the few major South Park Elementary School faculty characters both former and current to have never joined a cult


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