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Princess Kenny is the princess alter-ego of Kenny McCormick. She appears throughout Season Seventeen's Black Friday trilogy, consisting of "Black Friday", "A Song of Ass and Fire", and "Titties and Dragons".

Originally, Princess Kenny was a member of the Xbox One-supporting group, under the name Lady McCormick, but she betrayed them to become the leader of the PlayStation 4-supporting group because Grand Wizard Cartman would not let him be a "princess".

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, she is the fair maiden at Kupa Keep. She is one of the six playable partners, and later the hidden main antagonist of the game.


In "Black Friday", Wizard-King Cartman sought out Lady McCormick to tell her to come to a meeting about getting cheap Xbox Ones. In the Garden of Betrayal, Cartman talks to Lady McCormick about the possibility that Sir Kyle could betray them and tells her that her influence could be used to "take care" of Kyle if it became necessary to do so. However, Kenny goes on to betray Cartman, and the Xbox One supporters, by becoming the leader of the PlayStation 4-supporters, taking the title of "Princess Kenny".

In "A Song of Ass and Fire", Princess Kenny gives a narration about the coming war between the supporters of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 and asserts that her followers would fight until she was accepted as the princess of both sides. Eventually, Cartman brings his Xbox army to Princess Kenny's backyard, asking for their surrender and insulting Kenny for wanting to play the role of princess, which Kenny refuses, calling Cartman a "ball-licking lesbian". Later, the Sony President comes before Princess Kenny with the Sony Princess Box. Opening the box, the Sony President gives Kenny a medallion, which turns Kenny into a Japanese princess.

In "Titties and Dragons", Princess Kenny receives orders at the Sony Headquarters and stops Microsoft's blockade of ships, filled with PlayStation 4s, en route to the South Park Mall. Later, Kenny is invited to a "wedding" at the Red Robin by Cartman, where she is told she will be accepted as the princess of both sides. After saying her goodbyes, she jumps out the window and falls hard on the ground, with blood, to the Sony workers' dismay, but she gets back up and brushes herself off. While the "wedding" appears peaceful at first, Sir Kyle betrays Cartman, and the covert Xbox One supporters, by joining the PlayStation 4-supporters. After Bill Gates kills the Sony President in the Red Robin, Princess Kenny, along with all the others, apathetically gets the Xbox One from EvGames.


Before being titled Princess Kenny, Lady McCormick wore an unkempt blonde wig and a pink dress over Kenny's usual parka. The blonde wig is similar to the one Kenny wore in "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" when posing as a girl. This outfit seems to be directly based on Daenerys Targaryen from A Song of Ice and Fire and its TV adaptation Game of Thrones, which Princess Kenny directly parodies in the trilogy. She even wears a velvet scarf over her arms, a large gold belt, a gold necklace, pink wristbands, and some blue bead bracelets.

Princess Kenny has a styled golden-blond wig with wrapped ends and topped with a golden headdress. She wears a bejeweled white and purple dress with gold trims, gold shoulder guards, and white gloves. When she became a Nazi Zombie in South Park: The Stick of Truth, her skin is green, and wore a Nazi wristband. Again, the entire princess outfit is worn over Kenny's usual parka; however, an unused earlier design gets rid of the parka and instead has Kenny wear makeup, and with the dress being colored orange.

After becoming a "Japanese Princess", Kenny takes on an "anime" look, complete with large, purple eyes and blush. In her anime incarnation, Kenny speaks intelligible (and mangled) Japanese, although her voice is still slightly muffled and is an obvious female impersonation. She seems to refer to herself in the third person, a trait commonly associated with "cute" characters in anime. She also has the power to solicit extreme admiration from (other) males simply by acting cute, a trait carried over (somewhat) to her non-anime incarnation in The Stick of Truth. This version of Princess Kenny may be an exaggerated parody of the sector of the South Park fandom that often draws the characters in "kawaii" anime style and characterizes them as such.

Kenny's princess costume and wig are heavily based on the dress and hairstyle of various incarnations of Princess Zelda, a recurring main character from the Legend of Zelda series.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Kenny appears as a companion to the player and later reveals herself as the final antagonist of the game, betraying her friends and becoming the final boss of the game.

Kenny first appears as a member of the human army, being Cartman's right-hand man and the princess of the Kingdom of Kupa Keep. Despite her high rank, she is still mocked by Cartman due to Kenny's choice of being "a chick" and uses her as a target to test Douchebag's new fart ability. Kenny later becomes a companion to the player and can accompany her through battles, having abilities like calling her rat friends for help (who can also kill her in the misuse of the power), exposing her "Double D's" to charm enemies and take their guard down, etc. She participates in many battles, including Craig's rescue mission at the school, the assault to the Inn of the Giggling Donkey, and the battle against the elves at the school. Like many other characters, she is a member of the army that assaults Clyde's fortress.

However, after the government shows up and the chief agent takes the Stick and offers it to the kids to share power with him, Princess Kenny allies herself with the agent and takes the Stick for herself, betraying her friends, who refused the Stick for friendship. Morgan Freeman explains that inside the game's fiction, Kenny is the daughter of an orc and an elf, the original holders of the Stick of Truth and that her entire orc community was slain by humans and elves, and then she had sworn revenge on them, by getting the Stick of Truth and avenging her fallen people.

The player and his companions battle Kenny and after being defeated for the first time, Princess Kenny drinks a sample of the Nazi virus, and becomes a Nazi zombie, greatly increasing her strength and resistance. As all the companions are taken out of battle (or he avoids this and kills her enough), Douchebag is left with very little chances of defeating Kenny, so Cartman decides to break the Gentlemen's Code by having Douchebag fart on Kenny's balls. As Cartman holds Kenny, Douchebag releases a fart on Kenny's groin, defeating her and causing a flash that expands through the town and cures the Nazi Virus. If he does not fart on Kenny's balls, she will break Cartman's hold and kill him, and Douchebag will have to start the boss battle all over again.

Despite being defeated, Kenny can still be used as a companion after the end of the credits. It is implied she made up with the others and as said by Butters she was just "PMSing".


Ic abl flash.png
Type: Buddy Ability
Description: Distract enemies with Princess Kenny's royal presence.
Effect: Lowers an opponent's Attack. Amusingly works on anything, no matter how strange.
Ic abl kiss.png
Royal Kiss
Type: Ability
Description: Princess Kenny plants a kiss on enemies to catch them completely off-guard! Grosses-Out the target.
Effect: Causes damage and inflicts Gross Out on an opponent. Will cause Gross Out on Princess Kenny if done imperfectly. Any STD's shown during the attack will have no actual effect on an opponent.
Ic abl furry.png
Furry Friends
Type: Ability
Description: Princess Kenny charms creatures of nature with her beauty and sends them against your foes!
Effect: Inflicts damage and a stack of Bleeding, even if you fail to shake the rats off. Failure results in Princess Kenny dying for two turns.
Ic abl unicorn.png
Unicorn Stampede
Type: Ability
Description: Princess Kenny summons a magical unicorn to trample a row of enemies!
Effect: Princess Kenny calls upon her unicorn to inflict very high damage on a single row of enemies, even if failed. If not done perfectly, the unicorn will impale Princess Kenny with its horn and kill her for two turns.

Facebook Messages

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The following quotes are in Japanese and are from Princess Kenny's anime incarnation. She retains Kenny's usual muffled speech in her regular incarnation.

  • "プリンセスケニーレポート!" ("Princess Kenny repooto!": "Princess Kenny is reporting!")
  • "はい、プリンセスケニーアシスト!" ("Hai, Princess Kenny ashisuto!": "Yessir, Princess Kenny will help!")
  • "みんなさん、ケニー来ます!" ("Minna-san, Kenny kimasu!": "Everyone, Kenny has arrived!"
  • "みんなさん、いいよ。プリンセスケニー頑張る。" ("Minna-san, ii yo. Princess Kenny ganbaru.": "Everyone, it's all right. Princess Kenny will try her best.")


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