The prince and princess of Canada were seen in Season Fifteen episode, "Royal Pudding". They are parodies of the real-life Prince William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The prince returns in Season Eighteen episode, "Freemium Isn't Free". He allows the Minister of Gaming to create a mobile phone app that helps pay to rebuild Canada.


The prince and princess were seen performing the traditional Canadian Royal Wedding ceremony in "Royal Pudding"; the ceremony is a parody of the British Royal Wedding. During the first part of the ceremony, in the beginning of "Royal Pudding", the princess was abducted by an energy cube. Ike, Scott the Dick, and Ugly Bob go after her, only to find out that the culprit was a hideous monster known as Tooth Decay. In the end, the princess was rescued and the ceremony was resumed.



The prince wears a military dress uniform, which consists of a red coat with medals, a yellow scarf, a blue belt, and black pants with gray stripes. He has combed, blond hair.


The princess wears a traditional white wedding dress with a white veil. She wears a conservative amount of make up and can be seen wearing a bouquet. She has long brown hair. In the end of "Royal Pudding", one of her arms is removed by the prince.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

The prince and princess appear in the game, when the New Kid arrives in Ottawa Canada. The prince has imprisoned the Minister of Montreal in a cave, and sends the New Kid to get the Bishop of Banff's testicles to convince him to release the Minister. After obtaining the testicles, or a Dire Pig's in order to deceive, he goes back on the deal and instead friends the New Kid on Facebook. The princess goes behind the prince's back and sends the New Kid to Vancouver to talk to the Duke for more help.


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