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The President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition Representative appears in Season Fifteen episode "1%".


Following a health and fitness test carried out by South Park Elementary students, the representative announced that the school had fared the worst in the country owing to one student, and that they will have to give up recess for physical education.

When Jimmy and Butters approached him in his office to dispute about the test results, he rejected the claim, reiterating the board's stance on not singling out any one student in the school. Both Jimmy and Butters eventually started a protest outside the office grounds, which received the attention of the representative.


The representative wears a gray jacket over a blue shirt, black pants with belt and black shoes.


He tends to sum up his conversation by using insulting terms on other people, or South Park Elementary as a whole. When asked to use a different terminology, the representative would do so, but on other subjects instead.

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