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"Prehistoric Ice Man"
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Episode no. Season 2
Episode 18
Production no. 218
Original airdate January 20, 1999
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"Prehistoric Ice Man" is the eighteenth and final episode of Season Two, and the 31st overall episode of South Park. It first aired on January 20, 1999.[1]


The boys' discovery of a man encased in ice threatens Stan and Kyle's friendship.[1]


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Eric Cartman shows the boys an episode of the Crocodile Hunter starring Steve Irwin. This inspires them to go up a mountain and search for crocodiles. When Kyle falls down a hole, Stan gets a rope and lowers himself down to rescue him. He soon notices a figure frozen in the ice that appears to be a human. The boys go back to town and show the creature to everyone. Dr. Mephesto takes it to his laboratory so he can unfreeze it. The creature gets named "Steve" which was Kyle's choice for a name and it angers Stan who wants to call him "Gorak."

At his lab, the boys arrive to find that Mephesto has unfrozen the man. It turns out he has been frozen since 1996 and he is then placed in a habitat of that year (complete with a song by Ace of Base). Federal agents arrive, wanting to use him as a weapon, but they cover their plan up. People can pay to see Steve who is actually named Larry. Despite being only two years behind, people treat him like a neanderthal causing him to be very lonely and unhappy so Stan thinks of a plan to help him.

At night, Stan breaks in so he can rescue Larry, but finds Kyle there, doing the same thing. Kyle lets Larry out by opening the door and then he and Kyle decide to fight the next day at four o'clock. Larry visits his wife, who does not remember him and has remarried. She also has two kids with her new partner who are unusually older than the two years they were apart would allow. Larry then tries to freeze himself again, but Mephesto arrives along with the federal agents. Kyle tells Stan and Larry about Des Moines, Iowa, a place that is somewhat 1996-themed since they are behind on clothes, music, and technology. He and Stan try to take Larry there.

They get him to the train station. Larry gets on a train and tries to bid Stan and Kyle goodbye, but they are too busy fighting to notice. Just as the train departs, Mephesto, the federal agents, and even Steve Irwin are chasing him to get him back to the lab. Stan and Kyle stop fighting to help Larry. The pursuers then land a helicopter on the train tracks to block the train but it results in a crash, killing Irwin and giving Larry a chance to escape. He escapes in the helicopter and explains how important friendship is to Stan and Kyle. They make up after listening to his advice and both agree that Cartman sucks as a best friend.


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