Predator is the central character from the Predator film series. The Predator appeared in the Season Five episode, "Butters' Very Own Episode".


Butters can be seen being stalked by a Predator with its thermal vision, while walking through the woods. The three red targeting lasers from its gun lock-on, but then decide not to kill.

It also appeared the "Imaginationland, Episode II" in several scenes, notably with the Alien attacking the good characters and Butters.


The Predator wears flat-metallic colored armor on the upper half of its torso, shoulders, knees, upper arms, fists, shins, and crotch. It also wears a "Bio-Mask" covering its face and mandibles, and has wrist gauntlets on the forearms. Its skin is a pale green hue, and it wears a heated wire mesh under-suit. It has long, hair-like appendages on its head.[1]


Its carries a pair of wrist-blades on its gauntlet, a plasmacaster on its shoulder with the unique three laser targeting system. It also has a combistick, which a type of retractable spear.[2]



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