This page is a portal for all of the characters in South Park. Characters that are deceased permanently in the South Park universe have their names italicized.

Main Characters

These boys are the main focus of the show.

Major Characters

The few secondary characters that have had been an important part of many episodes and have greatly influenced the history and identity of the show.

Significant Characters

These are characters who are "in between" major and minor. When they play a role in an episode, it is usually a big one.


Broflovski / Schwartz Family

Cartman / Tenorman Family

Kern / Kimble / Marsh Family

McCormick Family

Stotch Family

Tweak Family

Valmer Family

Other families

Black Family

Biggle Family

Cotswolds Family

Donovan Family

Gueermo Family

Hakeem Family

Stevens Family

Tenorman Family

Testaburger Family

Tucker Family

Mephesto Family

Possible Families

These are all the possible families who were seen together, but not confirmed to be actual families.

Turner Family

Heidi has had three sets of parents, likely due to continuity errors.

Stoley / Brooks Family

Kevin Stoley's possible parents were seen ordering a "future self" resembling Kevin in "My Future Self n' Me".

Simon Family

Jenny Simon and Blonde Girl were seen with their possible parents and sister watching the Jonas Brothers concert in "The Ring".

Nelly's Family

Nelly was seen with her possible parents and brother in "Free Willzyx".

School Students

School Faculty

Around Town



Film/TV celebrities

Sports celebrities

Political celebrities

Historical celebrities

News personalities

Religious figures

Fictional celebrities

See also: List of Characters from Imaginationland

Internet celebrities

Only appeared in "Canada on Strike"

Other celebrities

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